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rangifer’s diary: pt. xlviii

R>1 privateer for Tae Roon run

In the previous instalment in this series (which is part of the previous diary entry), we looked at the rest of the odd-jobbed rogues. With that, we can now move on to the pirates of the bunch! We’ve already covered some of these previously. In particular, we already went over the following models:

Where the “generic DEX whacker” represents the summoner in melee, sans summons, like a summoner version of the “swashbuckler (no Octo)” model. Technically, summoners are unconstrained in their AP build, so they could have more than 4 base STR, but this is suboptimal for summon DPS (which, notably, ignores WATK). But actually, the first three models here have misleading names. Our “permapirate” model only uses Double Shot (DS), meaning that it only represents one part of the permapirate’s arsenal (the other parts being Flash Fist (FF) and Somersault Kick (SSK)). Furthermore, this model also accurately represents the bullet bucc (assuming that their target is not stunned). And our “swashbuckler” models only use Burst Fire (BF), which ignores the swashbuckler’s SSK capabilities. So, it is now time that we must rename these models, to “permapirate/bullet bucc (DS)”, “swashbuckler (BF; yes Octo)”, and “swashbuckler (BF; no Octo)”, respectively. Note that Double Shot calls for a different AP build than Flash Fist and Somersault Kick, with DS being DEX-focussed, and the other two being STR-focussed. So our DS permapirate model will have a different AP build from the FF one below.

Nevertheless, this still leaves us with the following yet to be covered:

We will, unfortunately, not have a basic-attacking nor a SSK-using pistol-whipper model, because I genuinely do not know how meleeing with a gun works (if anyone does, please tell me!). But even with those two models missing, we are still at a whopping 16 pirate models (not including the ones already covered, which would make it 19 or 20, depending on how you count). That’s… too many models. For better or worse, pirates really are just this complicated. So I want to split this out into at least two parts! In this first part, I will be considering the first ten models on the above list.

Our FF-using permapirate/punch slinger model will be using a King Cent, and will get a little extra STR & DEX from their gear due to their ability to wear jobbed clothing (e.g. the Red Belly Duke). They will otherwise have as much STR as possible, because we assume that the FF-using permapirate is well-tuned for knuckler use.

Our SSK-using swashbuckler model will be very similar to the old (BF-using) swashbuckler model, except that they will be wielding a Sky Ski, and will be a little more STR-focussed with their equips. The “swashbuckler/armed brawler/permapirate (SSK)” model will be identical stat-wise and equipment-wise, but without the DPS from Octopus.

Our LUK bucc and DEX brawler models unfortunately will not get to wear jobbed clothing, and their weapon choices are limited to just the Maple Golden Claw. The “DEX brawler (DS)” model is separate from our “permapirate/bullet bucc (DS)” model because it is restricted to having exactly 4 base STR.

Our pugilist, of course, uses no weapons at all, but they will be capable of wearing jobbed clothing.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at our models:

The model permapirate/punch slinger (FF)

The model swashbuckler/armed brawler/permapirate (SSK)

The model LUK bucc

The model DEX brawler

The model DEX brawler (DS)

The model pugilist

Comparing single-target DPS

As usual, we assume that all player characters and monsters have the same level. And, as in the “R>1 pog ranged for…” series, we will use 600 WDEF & 600 MDEF to reasonably represent a low- or mid-level boss monster. We split out the LUK bucc, DEX brawler, and pugilist models into FF vs. ED models because they are only capable of using ED when their Energy Charge is active (which is always <100% uptime), and because they might not have ED maxed out (i.e. level 20). Furthermore, there is a DS model for the DEX brawler, because they are so good with guns, as a result of being pure DEX.

Permapirate/punch slinger (FF)7 109.9
DEX brawler (DS)6 551.6
Swashbuckler (SSK; yes Octo)5 012.1
Pugilist (ED)4 141.3
Swashbuckler/armed brawler/permapirate (SSK)4 071.2
DEX brawler (ED)3 754.8
Pugilist (FF)3 106.0
DEX brawler (FF)2 815.9
LUK bucc (ED)409.4
LUK bucc (FF)307.1

Somewhat interestingly, out of these ten models, the highest single-target DPS is a melee model: the FF-using permapirate/punch slinger. In second place, ironically, is a melee-focussed build wielding a gun. It seems that the DEX brawler’s best bet — when they only care about single-target DPS — is actually wielding a gun! Our pugilist does a bit better damage than our DEX brawler when in melee (although not by much), and our SSK users stack up quite favourably. And then, of course, the LUK bucc… as expected, they do pretty poor damage; to be fair to them, most of their damage is eaten up by the 600 WDEF. If we instead assumed 0 WDEF, the DPS values for the ED and FF models would be 2 371.0 and 1 778.0, respectively.

As usual, we want to compare these figures to the figures calculated in the previous series, and in previous installations of this series. I’ve added some class-based (class as in: beginner, warrior, mage, archer, rogue, pirate) emojis to the “model” column to add some readability to this now quite lengthy table (N.B. some or none of these emojis may show up if you are viewing this on the MapleLegends forums, for some reason(‽)):

⚔️ Dagger warrior14 828.4
🥷 LUKless hermit (SM)14 096.3
⚔️ DEX WK (fire weak)11 856.8
⚔️ DEXsader10 729.0
⚔️ DEX WK (lightning weak)9 977.1
⚔️ Wand warrior9 446.7
⚔️ DEX WK (ice weak)8 097.5
🥷 Permarogue (L7)7 658.0
⚔️ DEX WK (fire neutral)7 470.9
🏴‍☠️ Permapirate/punch slinger (FF)7 109.9
🏹 Woods(wo)man (bow)6 725.3
🏹 Woods(wo)man (xbow)6 690.6
🏴‍☠️ Permapirate/bullet bucc (DS)6 669.1
🏴‍☠️ Swashbuckler (BF; yes Octo)6 598.6
🏴‍☠️ DEX brawler (DS)6 551.6
🥷 Daggermit/permarogue (Double Stab)6 268.2
⚔️ DEX WK (lightning neutral)6 217.8
⚔️ Permawarrior5 934.0
🥷 LUKless dit5 928.2
🏴‍☠️ Swashbuckler (BF; no Octo)5 614.4
🏹 Permarcher5 614.0
⚔️ DEXgon knight5 054.7
🏴‍☠️ Swashbuckler (SSK; yes Octo)5 012.1
🧙 Magelet (F/P Ele Comp; weak)4 520.7
⚔️ LUK WK (fire weak)4 353.5
🧙 Magelet (I/L Ele Comp; weak)4 192.2
🏴‍☠️ Pugilist (ED)4 141.3
🏴‍☠️ Swashbuckler/armed brawler/permapirate (SSK)4 071.2
🧙 Magelet (Fire Arrow; weak)3 976.9
⚔️ LUKsader3 868.9
🏴‍☠️ DEX brawler (ED)3 754.8
⚔️ LUK WK (lightning weak)3 545.8
🧙 Permamagician3 307.3
🏴‍☠️ Pugilist (FF)3 106.0
🧙 Magelet (F/P Ele Comp; neutral)2 877.8
🧙 Magelet (Heal; 1 non-self target)2 853.7
🏴‍☠️ DEX brawler (FF)2 815.9
⚔️ LUK WK (ice weak)2 738.0
🧙 Magelet (I/L Ele Comp; neutral)2 658.8
🥷 LUKless hermit (Avenger)2 575.5
🧙 Magelet (Fire Arrow; neutral)2 498.2
⚔️ LUK WK (fire neutral)2 468.8
🔰 Generic STR whacker2 227.8
🏹 Bow-whacker2 101.7
⚔️ LUK WK (lightning neutral)1 930.3
🏹 Bowginner1 559.2
🥷 Clawginner1 393.5
⚔️ LUK DK1 350.2
🔰 Wandginner1 308.7
🥷 Grim reaper1 258.6
🧙 Gish(let) (melee)1 238.3
🥷 Carpenter1 210.7
🧙 Magelet (SR; weak)1 206.1
🔰 Generic DEX whacker966.0
🔰 Generic claw-wielding non-rogue841.5
🧙 Magelet (SR; neutral)699.2
🏴‍☠️ LUK bucc (ED)409.4
🏴‍☠️ LUK bucc (FF)307.1
🧙 Magelet (priest/permamagician; Magic Claw)234.4
🥷 Claw-puncher (hermit)88.2

So it looks like, for pirates, FF is as good as it gets for single-target DPS! And DS is a close second; the “permapirate/bullet bucc (DS)” model should probably be higher DPS, if I had just taken into account jobbed clothing, but whatever. Pugilists and SSK-users (and DEX brawlers, for that matter) are prized for their mobbing abilities. And LUK buccs are LUK buccs.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS BEFORE ANYONE GOES AROUND TOUTING THESE NUMERIC FIGURES: Keep in mind (and I cannot stress this enough) that this is a purely one-dimensional — and somewhat shoddy — analysis using dummy models, and that jobs cannot be reduced to raw single-target DPS numbers. The odd jobs that are listed above differ considerably in their playstyles and range of abilities. Furthermore, this only considers characters that are roughly level 100.

Helping Cort out with some cards

Cortical (GishGallop, Phoneme, Subcortical, MageFP, Medulla, dendrite, WizetWizard) was card-hunting at Magatia and was getting a little stuck on some of the more difficult monsters. Some of the monsters in Magatia are big fat tubs of HP, so as a STRginner, Cort was having a hard time finishing those sets. So I promised to bring my woodswoman, capreolina, to help out! First off was finishing the Homunculus set:

Cortical finishes the Homunculus set

We were also able to finish the Homun set in a reasonable time, which was a relief, since Cort had spent hours getting 1⧸5 cards when grinding alone.

Then we tackled Sites:

Finishing Cort’s Site set

And after sweeping all eight channels twice, I was able to go from 2⧸5 Security Camera cards to 3⧸5:

Security Camera Card get!

And while we were at it, I hopped onto my DEXgon knight rusa, to help Cort get the Male Boss set right quick:

Getting the Male Boss card set for Cort

And while I was there, I got the set for capre as well! :3

Bossing with Skateboard, pyxi, Pastasauce, & ToasTea

While I was looking for something to do on my STR bishop cervid, I ran into Skateboard (Melokie, Alrightyo), who was also looking for something to do. So we decided it was time for a Ravana run!:

Ravana w/ pyxi, Skateboard, & ToasTea

I went, as cervid, with Skateboard, as well as pyxi (quakken) and ToasTea. None of us were super strong, but everyone else’s damage was thankfully enough to make up for my pitiful STR bishop DPS. They were rather impressed with my damage, though, as I was able to knock back Ravana (albeit not very consistently, thanks to my wildly unstable damage). I had on Cort’s Toy of 101, and was buffed with Cider, MW, and SE, so I was doing some pretty chunky damage by my own standards. And the others thought so as well, being somewhat surprised with how much damage a bishop is capable of doing in melee. :P

Skateboard went to do some of the CWK quests so that she could host CWKPQ, and ran into a BF along the way. We decided to fight that guy as well, although I had to attend the fight on rusa, as cervid would not be able to survive (and even rusa nearly gets one-shot by BF). The HB was probably nice for everyone else, anyways:

Bigfoot w/ pyxi, Skateboard, & Pastasauce

This time Pastasauce came along, and later, we fought another BF as well. rusa actually got big fatty EXP for both of these kills, which was really nice. And, once Skateboard was up on CWM for the quests, I had nothing else to do with rusa besides farm a few woods:

rusa vs. Crimson Tree

cervid does some fourth job quests!

Now that cervid is a (pure STR) bishop, it’s time for some 4th-job skill questing!

The first order of business was the Resurrection skill questline. Before actually starting, I went ahead and collected the ETC items that I would need for the quest: 100 Ice Pieces, 50 Firebomb Flames, and 5 Charms of the Undead. I headed over to the Grim Phantom Watches map to kill some GPWs for myself:

cervid vs. Grim Phantom Watches

As it turns out, these things are tanky as hell. With 60k HP and 850 WDEF each, it took me quite a while to whittle each one down, and desperately hope that it would drop an Ice Piece. After a few minutes of grinding and getting 4 Ice Pieces, though, I ran into CtrlNoble (xNoble, 1122Noble, 1122) on the same map, and asked if he had any spare Ice Pieces. He responded by dropping 346(!) Ice Pieces, so I thanked him graciously and, well, was off to do the next ETC hunt…

Farming Firebomb Flames w/ Taima

…In which I was joined by Taima (Tacgnol, Boymoder, Numidium, Gambolpuddy, Yotsubachan)! And so, 50 Firebomb Flames and 5 Charms of the Undead (I already had the charms) later, I was off to get Resurrection:

Resurrection questline ✜

Transcription of the NPC dialogues in the above image

The Rememberer:  I know what you want. You’d like to have the power to avoid death… But this power is in direct opposition to the laws of nature. Unless you are strong enough mentally, you can’t handle this level of power.

The Rememberer: Finally, you have passed the ultimate test…

REWARD!!: Resurrection;
1000000 exp

The JQ took me a while (indeed, two tries; the JQ has a 20 minute time limit) to complete successfully. The entire damn thing is completely dark; none of the platforms are visible, and to make things worse, there are Flyeyes flying around willy-nilly! But I did eventually nail it, which was the last step that I needed to unlock this incredible skill. I plan on Resurrecting many permabeginners (and other squishy odd-jobbers) in the future!!

Oh, and in the process, I fought some Thanatoses and managed to squeeze out a stray card:

Thanatos card get!

The other skill questline that I could do on my own was the Bahamut questline. It just asks for 20 ETCs that can be obtained from any colour of Wyvern in Leafre. This one is actually repeatable; each repetition requires more Dragon Hearts than the last, and increases the skill level cap by 5. I only did the first one (20 Dragon Hearts), as Bahamut is essentially a “meme skill” for me (as I have little to no MACC nor TMA, due to my INTless & LUKless nature), so a maximum level of 10 is just fine. Plus, Wyverns are quite the formidable opponent:

cervid vs. Dark Wyverns

Dragon Heart get!

With Cort’s Toy of 101, my own self-casted buffs (including MW1), Cider, and Echo of Hero, I was able to achieve a maximum damage range of over 5.1k!!:

cervid w/ 582〜5 140 damage range

And finally, after having collected all 20 Dragon Hearts, Bahamut was mine:

Bahamut get!

Transcription of the above image

Raul the Knight: Impressive! You found Dragon Heart! You can attain the mighty power of dragons with this!

REWARD!!: Bahamut;
300000 exp

…But not actually, since I haven’t had the spare SP to spend on it yet. :P

Attending the Bomberman event for the first time

GM Mirror hosted a Bomberman event, and since I was already in Ludibrium anyways, I decided I might as well attend, with Taima!:

cervid & Taima, waiting for Bomberman

Unfortunately, although we both got in (the event is limited to roughly 100 players, I think), Taima’s game crashed immediately upon entering, so I was in there all alone… >.<

The event itself is pretty chaotic and random. The last round resulted in a tie, as the last two players standing were killed at the same time. I myself died with urgency during every round, but it was still cool to see. Especially with the funky visual glitch (this was also seen by the other players at the event):

Bomberman visual glitch

And by the end, even if I didn’t win any of the rounds, I still got a Scroll of Secrets! So I went off to hunt for the key to unlock it:

Key get!

…Aaaand got a sweet topwear def 30% scroll. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.

cervine grinds to level 106; capreolina grinds to level 115

It is time… for a grinding section! This time, featuring my I/L magelet, cervine! And joined again by Taima/Tacgnol:

cervine & Taima @ CDs

Unfortunately, CDs punch well above their weight, and permabeginners are as lightweight as it gets… But never fear! Tacgnol is here to mistsplode the shit out of some CDs! We grinded as an I/L–F/P duo for a while, and in the process, I got cervine from level 105 to level 106! :)

And here we are, burnt out from the grinding:

cervine & Tacgnol are done grinding…

Later, I went to grind CDs on my woodswoman capreolina, to get her from level 114 to 115:

capre grinding CDs @ level 114

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

capreolina — Lv.114 Ranger — Total EXP: 427,900 (1.98%)
EXP Per Hour: 5,134,800 — EXP Per Minute: 85,580

I was joined again by Taima, this time on her STRmit Boymoder:

capreolina & Boymoder @ CDs

And, when that proved to be a little too difficult for Boymoder, again she grinded as Tacgnol. And capreolina is, in fact, now level 115. :)

Oh, and also, capre was my only character with zrings; fortunately, she only had two:

R.I.P. zrings…

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [Zombie Army Ring] has passed its expiration date and will be removed from your inventory.
[Zombie Army Ring] has passed its expiration date and will be removed from your inventory.

But that’s still a net loss of 200 HP… 😔 R.I.P. 🪦

alces @ OPQ

And, as before, my undead dagger sin alces is on that OPQ grind:

alces OPQing

I took a break from OPQing to test out my damage with Cort’s Fan (an extremely powerful 102 WATK Fan, 10 more WATK than my own):

Testing Cort’s Fan

Yowza! Not pictured here is alces dealing >6k damage in a single Double Stab at level 65… O.O

Stab sin

Transcription of the above image

Snoopii: ive uhh never seen a stab sin

alces: hehe

Snoopii: like do you have lucky seven too?

alces: nope

Snoopii: O_O

alces: level 0 keen eyes, level 0 lucky 7

Snoopii: what skills you do as a sin?

alces: haste and endure
and claw mastery for refilling me homies’ stars

Snoopii: lol
this baffles me
but neato!

TargetXIII: why endure though?

alces: :P
why not
endure is op
i heal 70 hp per tick from stnading [sic] upright

TargetXIII: butbutbut… pots :/

alces: standing*
pots cost money smh

I also had the pleasure of doing an OPQ or two with lanlan, who remained almost completely silent for the entirety of every run, but who was nevertheless quite capable of silently disciplining her party members:

lanlan disciplining LuBowner

rusa & Tacgnol @ 5–6 F

Tacgnol needed a last-hitter at the Sutra Depository 5–6 F, so I brought along my DEXgon knight rusa! rusa has effectively infinite WACC, and very good mobbing skills, so she made a great last-hitter for this purpose. I even got a card or two along the way:

Mini Gold Martial Artist card get!

…One long grind session later, and this was enough to get Tacgnol to level 120, and rusa from 116 to 117!! Very nice…!

Tacgnol advances to the honourable rank of archgishlet!!

Now that Tacgnol was level 120, I attended Tacgnol’s 4th job advancement party!! It was quite fun, starting off with the 4th job advancement itself (Tacgnol had already collected the Heroic Star and the Heroic Pentagon):

Tacgnol advances to archgishlet!

And we (Tacgnol, myself, and OmokTeacher) collectively went through the Meteor Shower questline, culminating in the very first ever Meteor Shower (yes, the first one ever… except maybe for some used by normal-jobbed characters, but surely that doesn’t count…):

Tacgnol uses Meteor Shower for the first time :O


Congrats!!! <3

alces does a few more quests

The first order of business was working on Protecting the Peach Farm (which requires Peach Monke kills as well as their ETCs) and “Making Mastery Medicine” (which requires various ETCs from around Mu Lung/Herb Town, some of which are rare-ish: Snake Leathers and Bear Feet):

Reindeer card get!

While I was near the map where Reindeer and Peach Monke spawn, I killed some Book Ghosts to complete the “[Advanced]” bit of The Legendary Being’s Scroll questline:

Legendary Being’s Scroll [Advanced] get!

And I had to move on to Herb Town maps in order to gather the rest of my ETCs:

Sr. Bellflower Root card get!

Bellflower Root card get!

Ginseng Jar card get!

Once I completed the above-mentioned quests, I started on the Herb Town quests, particularly “Eliminating the Escaped Pot”:

Jar card get!

…Although I was called to OPQ before I finished the last 100 or so kills!

Ravana w/ Gruzz, xBowtjuhNL, Eoka, and Harlez

I did more Ravana runs, this time with Gruzz, xBowtjuhNL, Eoka, & Harlez, all of whom I met while MPQing on my DEXgon knight rusa. It was also rusa who I took to Ravana, as well, so that xBowtjuhNL wouldn’t get one-shot by Ravana’s attacks. We were joined by I/L archmage Subjugate for our first run, which made things considerably smoother; for the second run, however, we were on our own:

Ravana w/ Gruzz, xBowtjuhNL, Eoka, & Harlez

Besides Harlez unfortunately dying to a pet auto HP potion failure, the run wasn’t too bad; xBowtjuhNL used an Onyx Apple, I think, and I believe Gruzz used a few Ssiws Cheeses as well! :O So the run didn’t take that much longer. I ended up with some extra mesos from splits, yet another fake Ravana Helmet (which I immediately dropped on the ground), and some joocy EXPs!

alces advances to daggermit

After so many more OPQs, it was finally time… for alces to advance to daggermit! Third job stabby sin!! Proto-daggerlord!!!

alces 3rd job advancing

The Dark Lord went down like a chump:

alces vs. The Dark Lord

And so it was, hermit at last (although, unfortunately, no FJ until level 72…):

alces advances to daggermit!!

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [3rd Job] Congratulations to alces on becoming a Hermit!

mard [whisper]: grats

Dano [whisper]: yay

Cortical [alliance chat]: wooo gratsss

Yaga [whisper]: congrats

dragaon [buddy chat]: GRATSSS ALCES

1sme [alliance chat]: gzz@@

alces [smega]: stab stab

alces [whisper to Yaga]: ty!!

alces [buddy chat]: thank youu!!

Cortical [smega]: Grats alces on the 3rd job daggerlord :D

alces [whisper to mard]: ty ty!!

NightDood [whisper]: wow congrats you are cool

alces [whisper to NightDood]: tyy

At the bottom there you can see NightDood congratulating me; NightDood is actually a fellow daggerlord! Good luck on your journey, NightDood!!

alces graduates OPQ academy

Having advanced to the rank of hermit, I headed back to OPQ to OPQ with I/L gish and fellow Oddjobs member, GishGallop (Cortical):

alces OPQing w/ GishGallop

And we graduated OPQ at the exact same time, both leveling up to 71 on the same stage. Here we are, in our final OPQ:

alces’s last OPQ ;(

Bye OPQ! See you again later. :) And alces is off to more quests and some MPQ!!