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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxxviii

End of the V-day event

Now that the V-day event had come to a close, it was time to redeem all of those chocolates. I toyed with the idea of trading all of mine in for Unripe Onyx Apples, but because I was already getting a bunch of those anyways (from characters who were too low level to do the raffle), and because I didn’t feel like making another character just to hold apples, I spent all of the chocolates that I could on raffling. Here are my results (“gets” refers to the number of raffle instances that produced that item, whereas “qty” is the actual quantity of that item obtained across all raffles combined):

Total number of raffles: 58 (232 chocolates).

New Year Lunchbox9450yes
New Year Rice Soup550yes
Owl of Minerva515no
Sweet Heart48no
Triangular Sushi412no
Unripe Onyx Apple39yes
Bunny Heart-Shaped Balloon22no
Heart Headset22no
Mickey Mouse Balloon22no
Blue Pony Overalls11no
Cupid’s Wings Cape11no
Cutesy Heart11no
Friends of the Forest Camping Chair11no*
Glow Stick of Love11no
Man’s Shirt11no
Porong Fan11no
Ramling Hair Pin11no
Ramling PJs (Sky)11no
Red Circle Chair11yes
Red Pony Overalls11no
Red Ribbon Hairband11no
Teddy Earmuffs11no
Valentine’s Day Sweet Chocolate11no
White Choco Bunny11no
White Mouse Headband11no

*The Friends of the Forest Camping Chair is untradeable and therefore useless.

So, obviously, this is preeeeeetttty much crap. Of the things that are at least nominally useful, we have:

Gathering up ETC items for the Ellin Ring quest

I have, I think, four more characters who have yet to obtain an Ellin Savior’s Ring, who I want to eventually get one:

So I decided to just go ahead and collect all of the ETC items that I would need for the final quest in the chain, for all four characters. That means:

I actually collected all 400 Hardened Pieces of Steel, along with a little over 100 of the Firebomb Flames, while futilely attempting to complete the V-day chair quest on sets. For the rest, though, I hopped onto my I/L magelet, cervine:

cervine & pengy

I, naturally, got cervine a few cards along the way:

Dark Stone Golem & Fairy cards get!

Drake card get!

And I am now the proud owner of all 1 800 ETC items listed above! 😅


You already know what time it is: OPQ time!! My DEX spearwoman, rusa, was back at it again… Well, my buddy Introvertida invited me to OPQ, but when I got there, my spot in the party had been filled, so I farmed cards to get rusa from 0⧸5 Sentinel cards to 5⧸5:

Sentinel card get!

And then it was time for a whole lot of OPQing…

rusa @ OPQ! ✜

And I met some lovely people along the way, like avocatto, Ooshy, Erebus0, ducklings (a permabeginner), nangs420, Gamericious, Came, and Kiona & MiniSushi! And I got to OPQ with some Suboptimal allies, like Ismezin, drainer, and Cortical (all permabeginners)!


potpan LPQs with odd-jobbers

My MPQ-mule-to-be, potpan, is still at LPQ going for that second pair of Broken Glasses. potpan herself is, perhaps, not very interesting yet: she won’t be able to fulfil her destiny until at least level 71, so for now, she just does obscene quantities of damage with Fire Arrow, and that’s about it. But I did join my DEXginner friend Gambolpuddy (Taima, Tacgnol, Boymoder, Yotsubachan, Numidium) there at LPQ:

Gambolpuddy and potpan fight Alishar

And later, when Gambolpuddy had left — and indeed, most LPQers had left — I was forced, out of desperation, to run both potpan and sorts (my DEX brawler LPQ mule) if I wanted to keep LPQing. It was a little mind-bending for me, since I already have enough trouble controlling just one character, as it is, but I was able to bang out a solid 2 or 3 LPQs this way:

sorts & potpan at once

Which means that sorts was finally able to fulfil her destiny for the first time! :P

OmokTeacher defects!

OmokTeacher joins the dark side

Transcription of the above image

OmokTeacher [alliance chat]: and then I’mma leave Flow bad guild anyway
J> oddjobs

rusa [alliance chat]: LOL

Level1Crook [alliance chat]: good thing we dont have to hear from that guy anymore right

OmokTeacher [whisper]: J> oddjobs

Cortical [alliance chat]: rip omokteacher no longer a flow member :c

[system message]: ‘OmokTeacher’ has joined the guild.

rusa [guild chat]: welcome~~~

Gambolpuddy [guild chat]: Welcome >:D

OmokTeacher [guild chat]: hi xD

rusa [guild chat]: …to the dark side

OmokTeacher (Slime) may have defected once again, back to Flow, but we will remember That One Time™ that he left Flow to join the dark side — I mean, to join Oddjobs

woosa advances to the rank of DEXgon knight

After many an OPQ, it was finally time for my DEX spearwoman, rusa, to advance to dragon— I mean, DEXgon knight.

On the way to & from El Nath, I stumbled upon a stray Fire Sentinel card and a stray Jr. Pepe card:

Fire Sentinel card get!

Jr. Pepe card get!

Here’s rusa, on the way to kick Dances With Balrog’s ass:

rusa going to beat up Dances With Balrog

I’ve been screen-recording rusa soloing a variety of bosses (starting with King Slime), and eventually I will record enough to stitch together into a sweet YouTube™ video! :) Her fight with Dances With Balrog will be in there as well…!

rusa advances to 3rd job

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [3rd Job] Congratulations to rusa on becoming a Dragon Knight!

rusa [smega]: in all things, agility.

As discussed in a previous diary entry, I have been debating rusa’s third job skill build. Having thought about it since then, and with NobleFantasm (SiriusPlaque, SmallMight) suggesting that it may even be possible for me to Heal myself (with cervid, my STR priest) at CDs, and with me actually remembering that rawr targets up to 15 monsters at once (much more than Fury’s 6), I have decided that I want rusa to have max rawr by the time that she hits level 86 (and thus graduates MPQ). I will be rushing to level 16 Fury before then (as Fury tends to be more useful in MPQ), but I decided to be a little greedy and put 3 SP into Sacrifice so that I could have level 1 rawr by the time I was level 71. Here is rusa, rawring for the first time, in the middle of an OPQ:

rusa rawrs 4 real

woosa MPQs for the first time!

And now that rusa had fatefully graduated from OPQ ;( it was time for her to MPQ for the first time, with EddieSmurphy the marauder, Gamericious (a priest, who I already knew from OPQ), and shinning the priest:

rusa MPQs for the first time

As usual, being both low-level (less than 77 or so) and being an odd-jobbed character made it a struggle to really contribute the the combat portions of MPQ. But, as always with rusa, I love being able to cast HB & IW on my party members, so that I can feel useful even when my damage is lacking. :P

rusa’s first Angy Fanky fight

I’ve actually already completed the Ravana prequests on rusa, and I hope to tag along on some Ravana runs soon, so I can get some dolls, and hopefully a nice Ravana Helmet (rusa is still using a Rudolph’s Horn…)!!