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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxxvii


In the previous diary entry (pt. xxxvi), I showed off the new Elemental Staff 3 that I made for my I/L magelet, cervine; it was 147 TMA. Well, I’ve already managed to best it! Meet my new and improved 151 TMA Ele Staff 3!!:

Shiny staff

Transcription of the above image

Elemental Staff 3 (+4)

  • Req lev: 103
  • Req LUK: 105
  • Req class: magician
  • Category: staff
  • Attack speed: fast [4]
  • INT: +12
  • LUK: +1
  • Weapon attack: 71
  • Magic attack: 139
  • Magic def.: 3
  • Number of upgrades available: 0

cervine is doing some pretty epic damage with those Ice Strikes now — at least, for a magelet…

More Capt. Lat, with Taima & OmokTeacher!

We were back at it again with the quad Capt. Lats!

This time, Taima (Tacgnol, Boymoder, Gambolpuddy, Yotsubachan, Numidium), STRginner of Oddjobs, was coming with us! Here we are (with me as cervid, the STR priest), trioing Capt. Lat (also pictured is, of course, OmokTeacher (Slime)):

Capt. Lat with Taima and OmokTeacher

Unfortunately, while trying to save precious mesos on potions, OmokTeacher bit the dust and lost his basket buffs. :( So Taima and I continued on to finish the rest of the quad Capt. Lat:

cervid & Taima vs. Capt. Lat

Unfortunately, Taima died in the third (i.e. penultimate) Capt. Lat fight, but she bravely came back for the fourth & final fight without the HB from basket! 😮 And survived!! Oh, and I got a Capt. Lat card from the third fight, in which I had to solo the last portion:

Capt. Lat card get!

Take that, ’tanica!!!!

Clean boat w/ Taima

More mist training with Tacgnol

I did some more mist training with Tacgnol, the F/P gishlet. Tacgnol wanted to use two V-day baskets, but I only had one on my STR priest, cervid, so I ended up also using a basket on my woodswoman capreolina:

capre mist training w/ Tacgnol

The EXP from this mist training session got capreolina very close to level 110, so with some more training under her belt, it was off to get a MoN!:

capreolina gets a MoN

Now that I had already seen CWKPQ twice when getting a MoN for cervid, getting one for capre was not quite as nerve-racking (although still a little bit lol). My concern initially was that I would not have enough HP to survive looting MoNs that drop, but Toughish assured me that he could Rush each boss out to the left side before it dies, so that the MoN would drop far away from where they were fighting. Here capre is, mid-CWKPQ, with Toughish roleplaying as a bearded mushroom:

capre getting a MoN

And I was very grateful to be so fortunate as to get an amazing 5 WATK MoN, the first one that I looted!!!:

capre’s MoN

Transcription of the above image

Mark of Naricain

One of a kind Item, Untradeable

  • Req lev: 110
  • Category: pendant
  • STR: +6
  • DEX: +5
  • INT: +6
  • LUK: +6
  • HP: +306
  • MP: +301
  • Weapon attack: 5
  • Magic attack: 11
  • Accuracy: +15
  • Speed: +4
  • Jump: +5
  • Number of upgrades available: 1

A token given to those who have found favor with the demon Naricain. It may be wise to hold onto this…

With the MoN on my neck, a basket in my stomach, Echo of Hero active on me, and sweat dripping down my face, I was able to record an @epm 5 test for a whopping solo EPH of 6.45M!:

capre records 6.45M solo EPH

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: capreolina — Lv.110 Ranger — Total EXP: 537,537 (3.08%)
EXP Per Hour: 6,450,420 — EXP Per Minute: 107,507

…Although this proved not to be very sustainable…

LPQing with Pals

I bumped into a friend of mine, PeachyKid (JustPeachy) at CDs, and we did some grinding together, with me playing my I/L magelet, cervine:

Grinding CDs with Peachy

We ground until my basket ran out, by which point we were both rather tired of the grind — especially Peachy, who loathes grinding, in favour of PQing instead. Whilst we were there, though, Melokie (Alrightyo, Skateboard) showed up to hang out with us a bit, and we got the idea to go and LPQ with our lower-level characters, alongside another friend, Aino (Tsukino)! Here we are, fighting Alishar for great justice (here I’m playing as my besinner, hashishi):

Killing Alishar with Pals

Along the way, we had a party member by the name of protea who noticed mid-PQ that I was a beginner:


Transcription of the above image

protea: shoot
hun youre a beginner <3

hashishi: hi

protea: good on you

hashishi: haha
i’m a besinner

protea: :)))

Beginner on the inside, assassin on the outside!!!

rusa is back at it again with the OPQ

I did some more OPQ as my DEX spearwoman, rusa. At OPQ I met Bulgoki the chief bandit, and Introvertida the F/P mage:

rusa killing Papa Pixie with Bulgoki, Introvertida, & crew

Bulgoki is on the left, Introvertida is on the right, and pictured here also is Valfreyea (with yellow-red hair and a red cap). Unfortunately, this crappy screenshot is the only one that I took… In any case, rusa is now level 61…!

X-TREME mist training sesh w/ Tacgnol

I did some more mist training with Tacgnol, but this time only as cervid. We actually went for just about three hours (taking breaks in between hours, of course), once with GM buffs, and twice more with V-day baskets. During the GM buffs, all of the 5–6 F and 7 F maps were taken, so we tried out the Forest of Towers (FoT):

cervid & Tacgnol at FoT

After that, we went back to 5–6 F, but by the time that we were finally done, we were absolutely pooped:

Tacgnol and cervid after X-TREME grinding sesh

On the bright side, by the time we finished, cevid was level 113, and Tacgnol was level 117!!

Finishing my final chair quests of the event

I had already started and completed most of Romeo & Juliet’s chair quest on my besinner, hashishi, and my MPQ-mule-to-be, potpan. I wanted to finish, but the drop-rate for Love Tickets had been lowered so much that it proved to be quite difficult to get even a single Love Ticket. Along the way, though, I did find this:

Pink Teddy card get!

And eventually, I was in fact able to finish the quest on both of them:

Love Ticket, omg!

…Although I did give up entirely on finishing the questline on sets, after a few hours(!) of grinding. Hunting even for gachapon tickets turns out to be quite a bit more fruitful than hunting for Love Tickets…

More MPQ with Level1Crook & PsychSpace

Sniper and Flow guild member Level1Crook was wanting to MPQ to finish his Franky card set, and, naturally enough, was having a difficult time of it. So I offered to help with my pugilist, rangifer, once the party had filled up to 3 and they just needed one more. And so off we went:

More MPQ with Level1Crook and PsychSpace

And Level1Crook was able to finish his Franky card set after just a few PQs! Grats!!

Meet sorts

I regret(?) to inform you that I had yet another idea for yet another character. At this point, I am definitely a crazy cat lady, if you replace the cats with MapleStory characters…

In any case, I had the idea to create a wonky (and yes, odd-jobbed) LPQ mule. Because anyone with maxed Double Shot (the first job pirate skill), an equippable gun, and some usable bullets, can serve as range for LPQ, and because Oak Barrel allows brawlers to do the thief portal, I have had the idea for a while now to create a brawler LPQ mule. I decided that pure DEX was the way to go (for high WACC, AVOID, & ranged DPS), so meet sorts, the DEX brawler:

Meet sorts

I toyed with the idea of being a bullet bucc in addition to being a DEXaneer, and as of yet I’ve only been using guns, but I think that in the future I will opt for a more gun/knuckler hybrid style, in true DEXaneer spirit.

Either way, I was inducted into Meiko’s (MeikoHonma) guild at the tender level of 21, when I first showed up for some KPQ action. Meiko has a guild by the name of Renaissance (part of the Enlightend [sic] alliance) that is dedicated to helping new players and giving them a community! I’m not exactly the target audience for this, but I obliged anyways, to see what was going on inside the guild/alliance, and perhaps help out some newbies myself. :)

I had a little bit of fun in alliance chat when I took second job advancement:

sorts takes 2nd job

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [2nd Job] Congratulations to sorts on becoming a Brawler!

CovidSpryder: grats on job! :)

MeikoHonma: gz

sorts: ty :D

CovidSpryder: enjoy the epic life of being a brawler

sorts: yeah im gonna shoot so many things with my gun

grandzen0: thats gunsliner [sic]

CovidSpryder: yeaaa, ur the melee xD

grandzen0: thug life

sorts: hmm

grandzen0: fail xD

sorts: i think i’ll shoot instead

CovidSpryder: you can’t anymore :O well teh [sic] 1st job double shot ofc
but 2nd jbo [sic] skills are all melee

grandzen0: u gonne [sic] be super sayan
goku san

sorts: my gun still works, i think im all good

And, actually, sorts is already level 35, hehe. So she’s already prepared to serve LPQ and the fine people who inhabit it!

Duoing HH with OmokTeacher

OmokTeacher (Slime) came online and wanted to fight the Headless Horseman, so I gathered my equipment together onto my STR priest to prepare. We were lucky enough to find a HH at the first Hollowed [sic] Ground map that we checked! As OmokTeacher prepared the potions necessary to survive, I did a little card-hunting and went from 1⧸5 Jr. Wraith cards to 5⧸5!:

Jr. Wraith card get!

The fight with HH went pretty swiftly, although OmokTeacher had some issues with surviving, due to HH’s rather vicious magical attacks:

Duoing HH with OmokTeacher

And the EXP from HH dying was enough to being cervid to level 114! Yay!!

Booming another Toy

SmallMight (SiriusPlaque) was kind enough to let me take the last of his clean Toys of 101, in exchange for another completion of his special player-bestowed-to-player quest: to hunt for 50 Power Crystal Ores. This one was 94 WATK, 4 STR, 4 DEX, & 7 slots, and I had a 30% scroll stowed away for a while, waiting to use it on this Toy. And by “use it on this Toy”, I mean blow the Toy up on its first slot. :(

As per usual, my hands seem not to be made for scrolling. Oh well, I’ll have to find a way to get even more of the damned things…