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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxxiii

More Shaolin Temple mist training with Tacgnol & cervine

It was time to attempt even more Poison Mist training with my friend and guildmate Tacgnol (Taima, Boymoder, Gambolpuddy, Yotsubachan) the F/P gishlet, in the Sutra Depository 5–6 F! With some experience under our belts, we’re gradually getting better at hitting these slippery, high-level monsters. Before starting, my I/L magelet cervine was already most of the way through level 98, so I hit level 99 pretty quickly:

Tacgnol is OP

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: ⟨Party⟩ cervine has reached Lv.99.
⟨Guild⟩ cervine has reached Lv.99.

Tacgnol: GRATS!!!!

1sme: woosh

drainer: grats

cervine: tyyyyyy!

KoKoSnuggles: congrats!!!

cervine: :D

KoKoSnuggles: 100 WHEN!?

Tacgnol: in <1 hour? :D

cervine: LOL
yea tacgnol is op

I did level up to 100 in (a bit) less than an hour, but we encountered a bit of difficulty along the way. When I was some 92%〜93% of the way through level 99, Tacgnol leveled up to level 105(!), which meant that we were more than 5 levels apart. Apparently, this screws up the EXP sharing, so I was stuck at exactly 92.68% (I think it was) for a while before I noticed, and drew attention to it. So we had to quickly (before our baskets ran out) shuffle over to STS (Shaolin Temple Square) to finish up my level 99:

Moving to STS to finish up level 99

The mobs in STS are a bit less formidable (although still extremely high HP), so I was able to hit them and do reasonable damage with my normal attacks, like Ice Strike. And cervine hit level 100!! :D

More hunting with cervid

I did a bit more card/event-ETC-item/rose hunting on my STR priest cervid. This time, I started at Luster Pixies, because I was 0⧸5 on their cards, and they drop Yellow Valentine Roses! Oh, and I managed to squeeze a White Chocolate out of one of them, which is always welcome (for some reason they are much more stubborn to drop for me than the other event ETC items):

cervid @ Luster Pixies

Luster Pixie card get!

A rosy gift from the Luster Pixies

White choc, wowie!

I went from 0⧸5 to 5⧸5 Luster Pixie cards there (yay!), and so I moved to Chunins to hunt those instead:

cervid @ Chunins

Chunin card get!

A rosy gift from the Chunins

As I expected based on my time killing Chunins with Tacgnol, they were a bit stingy with the cards, so I only ended up with 1 or 2.

Heading to MPQ with the crew

Ally (member of Flow, and thus of Suboptimal) sniper Level1Crook was trying to form a functional MPQ party, so I headed over to Magatia as my swashbuckler, alongside my STRmit friend Boymoder. When we got there, there were many vomits and throw-ups to be had:

Vommin’ it up

We were joined also by technopagan (drainer, xX17Xx, maebee; all Suboptimal members) the priest, and BLiiND (CaptainNemo, also a member of Suboptimal) the chief bandit. BLiiND had to leave, though, so I was able to get a spot in this MPQ crew:

MPQ stage 3 with Suboptimal

And so mae (technopagan) was able to get her first-ever MPQ experience and learn how it works! Unfortunately she had to leave after that, so we only got in 1 PQ. Thankfully, though, it was a “true ending”: we killed Angy Fanky, and saved our boy Romeo. Oh, and no one died!

Trying to use a basket on capreolina

Now that I had used a V-day basket on cervid and cervine, I went to go use one also on my woodswoman, capreolina. It was a bit of a rough start, as I was looking around CDs maps looking for anyone to party with so that I could use my basket with them, but found no one — and didn’t find any open maps, either. But it was about to get worse, as I decided to simply enter one of the CDs minidungeons and use my basket there. I got in just about three minutes of solo grinding, before my game client unexpectedly crashed:


Transcription of the modal window in the above image

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: …\A[redacted]\drive_c\MapleLegendsHD\MapleLegends.exe

R6025 — pure virtual function call


Apparently, this is a known, longstanding bug with the Puppet skill. Quite frankly, I never use Puppet, and I only have the skill because it’s a pre-requisite for my birdy. I decided, for no particular reason, to test it out real quick on CDs for the first time, and crashed within just one second of doing so. Let’s just say I’ve unbound Puppet from my keybindings… R.I.P. capre’s EXP……

A little event ETC hunting with cervine

Before I went to turn in my quest for another basket on cervine, I decided to do just a bit of event ETC hunting at the Henesys Hunting Ground:

Blessed by an Orange Mushroom

White Chocolate!

White Chocolate success!!

rusa does the chair quest

And now that my DEX spear(wo)man rusa is free of EPQ (and thus able to gain EXP), it was time for her to do Romeo & Juliet’s chair quest! The first place I went to look for Love Tickets was at Cube Slimes, and the Cube Slimes were so kind as to almost immediately drop an amazing Korean Fan for me!!:

Amazing KFan

Transcription of the above image

Korean Fan

  • Req lev: 35
  • Category: dagger
  • Attack speed: fast (4)
  • Weapon attack: 55
  • Accuracy: +5
  • Avoidability: +6
  • Number of upgrades available: 7

Over the course of the quest, I managed to finish the sets for both monsters in that map, Rumo and Cube Slime:

Rumo card get!

Cube Slime card get!

To wrap up the quest, I headed to HHGII to collect some cards and event ETC items there as well:

rusa @ HHG

Blue Snail card get!

Slime card get!

Orange Mushroom card get!

And I guess the rose gods smile upon rusa, because she could not stop getting those damn roses:

White Valentine Rose get!

rusa gets more roses~

rusa gets even more roses~!

rusa gets even MORE roses~!! LOL

LOL <3