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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxxii

Voodoos with cervid

I needed somewhere to do the daily V-day event quest on my STR priest, cervid, so I headed over to Voodoos to hopefully farm some Blue Valentine Roses and Heartstoppers, in addition to the event ETC items. I farmed there for 60 minutes, and I did manage to scrounge up one or two blue roses:

cervid finds a Blue Valentine Rose at Voodoos

And about 7 Heartstoppers as well, which will make great fodder for alliance boss runs:

cervid finds a Heartstopper at Voodoos

Oh, and the EXP isn’t awful, either:

cervid solo Voodoos EPM test

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: cervid — Lv.108 Priest — Total EXP: 37,152 (0.24%)
EXP Per Hour: 743,040 — EXP Per Minute: 12,384

cervine is lonely at CDs

Next, I wanted to use a basket on my I/L magelet, cervine, and get some EXPs!

My usual strategy is roaming around the various CDs channels and asking if anyone wants to party together. Sometimes this achieves good results, and I can duo (or even trio) a CDs map for the duration of my basket, and sometimes it’s just mostly leechers… This time, it was mostly just leechers, so I ground for about 60 minutes all by my lonesome:

cervine solo grinding at CDs

Once the basket was finished, I left to try to scrounge up some more event ETC items. Along the way, I found some cards:

Orange Mushroom card get!

(I completed the Orange Mushroom set with the above card lol)

Stump card get!

rusa graduates EPQ!!

For the duration of the event so far, my DEX spearwoman rusa has been languishing, unable to escape EPQ and level up (to level 56) without first completing 13 more EPQs. So I set out to fix that. And Yukko (Taima, Gambolpuddy, Tacgnol, Boymoder, Yotsubachan) came to join me!:

Yukko & rusa at EPQ

Here we are, fighting the Big Bad Rock Guy (BBRG):

Yukko & rusa & co. fight BBRG

After Yukko had to leave, I was determined to finish the remaining EPQs. So after an hour or so, we recuperated a party and I was able to finish all 50(!) EPQs and hit level 56 at the same time!! Earringssss!!!:

rusa finally graduates EPQ

I soon set out to scroll these damned things and finally get it all over with. And with average luck (3∕5 = 60%), I am very content with my EPQ-torture consolation prize!:

rusa’s earrings

Transcription of the above image

Glittering Altaire Earrings (+3)


  • Req lev: 50
  • Category: earring
  • STR: +2
  • DEX: +8
  • INT: +2
  • LUK: +2
  • Magic def.: 25
  • Number of upgrades available: 0

Tacgnol and cervine try mist training in the Sutra Depository

My friend and guildmate Tacgnol, the F/P gishlet, had previously tried some Poison Mist training in the Sutra depository alongside a dark knight. She was eager to give it another go, and asked if I had any characters who would be capable of mist training there. For reference, there are three general categories of monsters in the Sutra Depository: bronze ones, silver ones, and gold ones:

(I’m leaving out Wooden Fish here; they are considerably easier to hit than any of the metalline monsters, and only appear on the 7th floor of the Sutra Depository anyways.)

As you can see, these are extremely powerful creatures. And gold ones take the cake, with a completely bonkers avoidability of 75!! I found that my STR priest, cervid, was reasonably capable of hitting the bronze and silver creatures. But the gold ones… Well, I considered cervine, but I’m honestly not sure how magical accuracy works, and I suspect in any case that her magical attacks would not hit these things. But I forgot that, of course, cervine has another trick up her sleeve: melee. Now, melee is not exactly the specialty of magelets; we leave that up to the gishlets, gishes, STR mages, and so on. So I was obviously not expecting to do any more than 1 damage per hit to any of the things in the Sutra Depository. But 1 damage is all I need, as that’s exactly how many HP the monsters have after Poison Mist is done with them!

Tacgnol and cervine at 5–6 F

With GM Bless and some gear borrowed from my physical-attacking characters, I managed to achieve a whopping 551 WACC!!!:

cervine with ≈551 WACC

Very doable, even for golden monsters. So we trained at 5–6 F! You can watch a lil video of us testing out 5–6 F mist training for the first time, on the Oddjobs YouTube™ channel!

And I got some cards along the way! cervine just might finish her Mini Gold Martial Artist card set before she finishes the Ribbon Pigs set, LOL:

Mini Gold Martial Artist card get!

Silver Spearman card get!

And we witnessed the tragic loss of one (1) DuckNation guild member along the way ;(


More card-hunting/rose-farming/event-ETC-farming with cervid

Aaaand it is time for more hunting with cervid…!

This time, I wanted to get Yellow/Red Valentine Roses, event ETC items, and cards. So I was off to Orbis, and to the Garden of 3 Colours:

cervid at Jr. Lioners

You can see above, the tears on the cat-unicorn’s face as I one-shot them into oblivion. It’s times like this, that I wonder whether or not I’m the real villain…

Oh, and two more sets down for cervid >:)

Jr. Lioner card get!

Jr. Cellion card get!

For some reason, I’ve been getting White Chocolates like 6 times less frequently than the other three kinds of V-day event ETC items. So you can imagine how pleased I was to finally find one in a hundred:

White Chocolate get!

And to find a rose! :D

Red Valentine Rose get!

capreolina using a basket at CDs again

It was time to basket it up again, and this time on my woodswoman, capreolina! This time, I was fortunate enough to find a party after a bit of solo grinding, with a priest by the name of oRob. I was getting really nice EPM, and it got even a tad bit better when a dark knight by the name of fartmane came along to trio with us:

capreolina and oRob and fartmane EPM test

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: capreolina — Lv.105 Ranger — Total EXP: 692,359 (5.19%)
EXP Per Hour: 8,308,260 — EXP Per Minute: 138,471

Whew. 8.3M is some bonkers EPH. Particularly when not even mist training, heh.

Gambolpuddy and hashishi bridge the gap between KPQ and LPQ

Now that my besinner, hashishi, and her DEXginner friend Gambolpuddy had already graduated KPQ, it was time to bring them up from level 31 to level 35! For great LPQ!! I started out with tidying up just a few quests from Victoria Island:

hashishi vs. Mano

Mano’s quest EXP wasn’t as amazing now that I was level 31, but still pretty good. And I wanted that sweet, sweet fame, as well.

Here we both are, working on For Kyrin:

Gambolpuddy and hashishi at Jr. Wraiths

Turns out, the first Jr. Wraiths map is really quite bad for hashishi, haha. A lot of claw-punching Stirges >.<

Once we had tidied up to our liking, we headed over to Ariant to ride the Ariant questline to level 35. Whilst attempting to board the ship from Ellinia to Orbis, Cherry rudely stopped me:

hashishi vs. Cherry

Transcription of the above image

hashishi: cherry is
gatekeeping me, telling me
i dont deserve to die to crimson balrog

Gambolpuddy: cherry you bitch

hashishi: LOL

Gambolpuddy: she can solo it

After Cherry eventually relented, we took the ship and found a strange book in one of its compartments:

What’s that book?

Reading is for nerds

Transcription of the above image

hashishi: do the books contain secret, arcane knowledge
not for the likes of mortals?

Gambolpuddy: yeah, something like that

hashishi: LOL
sorry i forgot
we’re both illiterate

Gambolpuddy: hahaha
yeah reading is for nerds

Once we were at Ariant, it was time to get started killing some desert critters:

Ariant questline

Gambolpuddy and hashishi in the desert

hashishi vs. Ardin

hashishi and Gambolpuddy being sex icons

hashishi and Gambolpuddy being absolute sex icons.

Gambolpuddy and hashishi get to LPQ

After we finished up the last remainder of Gambolpuddy’s level 34, it was time for LPQ!! Our first LPQ was a real strugglebus. We almost didn’t have a party at all, until I realised that my failed/abandoned OPQ mule would make a fine LPQ mule for this purpose. Unfortunately, we were still vastly underpowered, and I was struggling a bit to multiclient my way through. A party member asked whether or not me or Gambolpuddy used the Maroon Mop; I replied that even if such a weapon existed (it doesn’t, in MapleLegends), we are both STRless, so we couldn’t equip the thing anyways. Confused as to how we could both be STRless permabeginners, I showed him the life of the besinner:

The besinner life

Transcription of the above image

hashishi [item smega]: [Sweet Fork Cake] i did not choose the besinner life… it chose me

Later on, we did form an actually functional party (thank god), and here we are in one of the dark rooms, trying to get a pass from those godforsaken eyeballs:

In da dark room

I didn’t have any HP gear for poor hashishi, so I was stuck cowering in the corner of the last stage, for fear of being one-shot (I have some 536 MAXHP or so, in this image):

hashishi cowering from Alishar

And after finally retiring from our first LPQ sesh, we found out that hashishi actually does have Dark Sight, but only in a very particular spot of the Ludibrium Pharmacy:

hashishi has Dark Sight

I’m a real sin now…

cervine at MP1

And I took my I/L magelet, cervine, to MP1 to try some card-hunting and rose-hunting and event-ETC-hunting:

cervine at MP1

Tippo Red card get!

Tippo Blue card get!

Yellow Rose get!

These floatie bois are a lil stingy with the card drops, but I did get a handful, and may come back to finish ’em up :)