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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxviii

Valentine’s Event, part II: Electric Boogaloo!!

Rose/card-hunting with Taima

When I logged on, my permabeginner friend Taima (Boymoder, Tacgnol, Yotsubachan, Gambolpuddy) was farming MDTs for their cards, and a chance at getting Yellow Valentine Roses. Oh, and the EXP is decent as well (but not really worth it, in general). So I decided to join her:

Farming MDTs with Taima

These bastards have 40k(!) HP and 750 WDEF, so it takes us a while to chew through each one. So despite this map being (very) large, we never actually moved from this one pair of platforms! Taima was able to finish her MDT card set, yay!! Although neither of us ever saw any Yellow Valentine Roses drop from these guys. Probably not the best place to farm for equips, with all of that HP, tbh…

So, to really find some yellow roses, we headed over to a practice field to farm from the Straw Target Dummies there. Here I am with Taima, playing my I/L magelet, cervine:

Farming Straw Target Dummies with Taima

And we both completed our Straw Target Dummy cards from start to finish!:

Straw Target Dummy card get!

Once we had finished our card sets and gotten a rose or two, we headed to a lab in Magatia in order to farm Iron Mutae:

Farming Iron Mutaes with Taima

I went ahead and finished my Rurumo card set on my swashbuckler, hydropotina, whilst Taima took a trip back to Victoria Island to finish up the event quests. And I completed an Iron Mutae card set as well!:

Iron Mutae card get!

…And was excited to get a White Valentine Rose from these metalline critters:

hydro gets a White Valentine Rose from Iron Mutaes

Taima hits level 105!!

And while we were farming Iron Mutaes, Taima hit level 105!! Congrats!!!!

Taima hits level 105

So stronk :')

A lil more rose/card-hunting with Taima

We both came back to Iron Mutaes later, me playing my pugilist rangifer, and Taima now on her STRmit, Boymoder. Here I am, memewaving Rurumo to death, for the laffs:

Memewaving Rurumo to death

Although Boymoder is only level 76 in this image (STRmits take a while to really mature), her Avenger is still fearsome! :O

rangifer and Boymoder farm Iron Mutaes

Oh, and we got a few more Iron Mutae cards, heh.

Iron Mutae card get!

rang finishes the chair quest

Whilst we were farming at Iron Mutaes, I took the time to complete Romeo & Juliet’s quest on rangifer. I got a bit unlucky with the Love Ticket drop chances — either that, or I’m just terribly inefficient at killing these on rangifer — but I did complete the quest from front to back:

Victory chair (transformed~)!

Time to really make use of those baskets~

The daily quest of this event rewards a Chocolate Basket. The basket is basically just portable GM buffs (including HB, HS, GM Bless, and Haste), but it is untradeable and OoaK, so you can’t actually do the quest the next day until you somehow consume the basket. So it was time for me to really try to squeeze every bit of use out of my baskets — and, for that matter, out of the bonus event EXP. After using the basket on my woodswoman, capreolina, I did a quick and dirty EPM (experience per minute) test at Kid Mannequins, solo:

capre EPM test at solo Kid Mannequins

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: capreolina — Lv.101 Ranger — Total EXP: 206,248 (1.91%)
EXP Per Hour: 4,124,940 — EXP Per Minute: 68,749

4.1M EPH, wowza. That is more solo EPH than I’ve ever recorded before!! But after my test, I decided it would be a good idea to check for any CD maps. I found a map that was occupied just by a shadower by the name of Ichiroh, and asked if he maybe wanted to party up. Ichiroh kindly accepted, and I did a similar EPM test here, as well:

capre EPM test at duo CDs

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: capreolina — Lv.101 Ranger — Total EXP: 387,548 (3.59%)
EXP Per Hour: 7,750,920 — EXP Per Minute: 129,182

7.7M〜7.8M EPH. Holy shit. Using up capre’s basket was enough to get her from level 101 & 37.61% EXP to level 102 & 3.41% EXP!! Yayyy!

Once my basket ran out, I came back as my I/L magelet, cervine, to use another basket:

cervine at CDs

Another EPM test revealed similar numbers O_O

cervine EPM test at duo CDs

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: cervine — Lv.95 Ice/Lightning Mage — Total EXP: 388,820 (4.97%)
EXP Per Hour: 7,776,360 — EXP Per Minute: 129,606

And that was enough to level cervine up as well! Now level 96!!

Thanks for the party, Ichiroh!

cervine and Ichiroh