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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxvii

You know what time it is: Valentine’s event!!! This is my first time experiencing the Valentine’s event on MapleLegends.

Mushroom Garden

Ally Soblet was about to be done farming at Mushroom Garden around the time that I logged on, and they offered to give away their map. So, not entirely sure what I was going to be using the map for, I decided to accept the offer, since no one else was. Here’s my STR priest, cervid, farmin’ it up using her off-brand, dollar-store SR:

cervid farms for Valentine’s for the first time

Shortly after, a couple of other allies (of the Suboptimal alliance) came and joined me, including gogigagagigo (a permarcher), drainer (a permabeginner; a.k.a. xX17Xx, maebee), and Dizz (also a permabeginner; a.k.a. Brains):

Farming for Valentine’s with allies

Later on, I swapped over to my I/L magelet, cervine, and drainer swapped over to her permarogue, xX17Xx:

cervine and xX17Xx farm at Mushroom Garden

Farming elsewhere

We also tried farming in some other locations, like at the Thicket Around the Beach II, as well as Right Around Lith Harbor. Because I was making so much use of Thunderbolt (normally, for damage, Ice Strike is my spell of choice, with Thunderbolt largely relegated to luring monsters), I decided to real quickly scroll myself a Pyogo Mushroom. I keep all of my staff/wand scrolls on cervine anyways, and because I normally rely on the elemental amplification from my Elemental Wand 3, a Pyogo would actually make me deal more damage with Thunderbolt than my usual elemental wand:

cervine farms Right Around Lith Harbor

And later, I tried farming for Red Valentine Roses at The Burnt Land III:

Farming at The Burnt Land III

By the end of this session, I had farmed enough roses (and also thanks to help from my allies!) to complete three sets, so that I could get a Ring of Passion on cervid, capreolina, and cervine! I still have more characters left to grind for, though…

Trying out Voodoos with drainer

We also decided that trying out Voodoos would be a good idea; they don’t hit very hard, give decent EXP, drop Heartstoppers, and also drop Blue Valentine Roses! Here I am, farming Voodoos with drainer:

cervid and drainer farm Voodoos

Healing a friend at CDs

A friend of mine, Sopooroh (Justinorino), was farming at CDs and needed someone to Heal for his rawrs, so I came to help out for a bit. When it came to splitting the NX tickets dropped by the CDs amongst ourselves, I insisted that I didn’t need the NX:

cervid stinks

Transcription of the above image

Sopooroh: do u need nx?

cervid: no
not on this acc
i dont wash

Sopooroh: ik u dont wash
smelled u from miles away

cervid: LOLLL

Sopooroh: stinkiest player i know
not only do you not wash
you put your shit in the no[-]no stats

cervid: ahaha

capreolina tries out Romeo & Juliet’s quest

Then, I wanted to try out Romeo & Juliet’s quest for some sweet chairs. So I took my woodswoman, capreolina, to Magatia. And I got quite a few monster cards along the way! :O

Deet and Roi card get!

Magatia won’t stop giving capre cards!

Cube Slime card get!

And after not too long, I could finally sit in my victory chair:

Victory chair!

hydropotina also tries out Romeo & Juliet’s quest

Since I already had my swashbuckler, hydropotina, in Magatia (for MPQ, as she is, still, in level range), I decided to do the same questline on her as well:

hydro doing the R&J quest

Neo Huroid card get!

Oh, and I can’t forget to take care of Rurumo before it sends me back to town!:

Heck u, Rurumo

Rurumo card get!

Farming at The Burnt Land III with Taima

And to end things here, I farmed some more at The Burnt Land III, this time with Taima (Boymoder, Tacgnol, Yotsubachan, Gambolpuddy):

Farming at The Burnt Land III with Taima

We managed to farm up not one, but two glass shoes, as well as a Red Valentine Rose and two or three Love Tickets!