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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxii

Scrolling a STR robe

I’ve been almost exclusively using DEX robes (both bath and sauna) on my physical-attacking characters for a while now, since I benefit from the extra damage, WACC, and those who can also range (my woodswoman capreolina and my swashbuckler hydropotina) can benefit even more from the extra damage, when at range. Now that I have rusa, my DEX spearwoman, I decided to invest in a STR robe as well!

The DEX robe that I normally use works well enough on rusa, but she really only cares about the damage (she has plenty of WACC…), and DEX doesn’t contribute nearly as much to her damage as STR does. The reason for this is not that rusa is pure DEX, but because she is a warrior using appropriate weapons (polearms & spears, in this case). That means mastery, and quite high PSM (primary stat multiplier) values. In particular, polearms have an “average” (ignoring the effects of any WDEF) PSM of 5.0 ⋅ 60% + 3.0 ⋅ 40% = 4.2. But that’s when basic-attacking (or using skills that animate identically, like Power Strike or Slash Blast); in third job, rusa will have access to skills like Dragon Fury: Polearm and Spear Crusher, both of which guarantee a PSM of 5.0(!) on every hit. This means that, depending on how you estimate it, each point of STR contributes as much damage as somewhere between 3.0 and 3.8 points of DEX!

And, in any case, a STR robe could be useful on my other characters as well, in contexts where I can stand to lose the WACC.

Unfortunately, while I was able to get a number of good results when owling for male robes scrolled for STR, nothing came up after a few owls (and even smegas) for female ones. And come to think of it, I’ve owled for female robes many (really, very many) times… and I don’t recall ever seeing a STR one. So it seemed that I had to go for it myself…

I sunk more mesos into this than I’d like to admit, and after booming a number of them — mostly with 70%s, because more than half of the 70%s that I used boomed, although I did use two 30%s (ow, pricey!!) — I ended up with no real choice other than 60%ing the whole way:

My STR robe (12 STR)

…Aaaaand it’s average! I may have lost a sizeable amount of net worth in the process, but at least this robe is, uhm, usable. So rusa will be sticking with this one for the foreseeable future…

cervid gets her T1 ring!

My STR priest, cervid, was back at it again with the card hunting. And with my very first monster book ring in sight!:

Hunting to 30 card sets!

Leatty cards get!

Lunar Pixie card get!

Sand Rat card get!

Scorpion card get!

Cactus card get!

Ah, finally. That last Cactus card was all I needed. Oh, and a Garnet!:

T1 ring get!!

I know it might seem kinda dumb (the tier 1 ring is not exactly considered a big accomplishment, especially with 9 higher tiers…), but it was cool to finally do some card-hunting in earnest and get myself my first-ever monster book ring. :)

Finishing capreolina’s Scar Hat

As detailed in diary pt. xvii, my woodswoman capreolina paid for a Scarlion run and got two hats (one STR, one DEX). Since then, I have tried my hand at scrolling the better of the two (the STR one), and finished it with excellent results!!:

capreolina’s finished Scar Hat

Transcription of the above image

Scarlion Hat (STR) (+8)

One of a kind Item, Untradeable

  • Req lev: 80
  • Category: hat
  • STR: +18
  • DEX: +31
  • INT: +14
  • LUK: +13
  • HP: +28
  • Weapon def.: 165
  • Magic def.: 125
  • Accuracy: +20
  • Avoidability: +21
  • Number of upgrades available: 0

Finally, some good scrolling results!!! Now capreolina’s headgear is all sorted!

Maybe I will scroll the other one for HP

Meet potpan

As some readers may already know, I’ve been advocating for MPQ for a little while now, and I figured it’s time to suck it up and make Yet Another Character™ so that I can have an MPQ mule. I don’t think I’ve seen any MPQ mules before (unlike mules for KPQ & LPQ), but of course, any MPQ mule would have to be a mage of some kind. So here she is, all ready to KPQ:

potpan ready for KPQ

Her name is potpan; just like she is (or rather, will be) a servant of Romeo & Juliet PQ, she is named after Potpan, a servant in William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. potpan will be my only character who isn’t an odd job; she will just be an ordinary, INT-based, F/P mage. As a result, she will likely not feature very heavily in this diary. But on one glorious day (I hope), she will achieve level 71 and meet her true calling!!

capreolina gets her T1 ring also!

Now that cervid got her T1 ring, I want to work on some of my other characters’ rings as well. capreolina needs rings even more than cervid, since she is quite fragile, being an archer and all that. Luckily for capre, I made her after cervid, when I was a little more aware of what monster cards were, so I already had 23 or so sets completed. Here’s capre, finishing up 7 more partially-completed sets:

capre wants that T1…!

Blue Snail card get!

Shroom card get!

Orange Mushroom card get!

Red Snail card get!

Pig card get!

Dark Stump card get!

Octopus card get!

Jr. Necki card get!

And so it is. Now capre doesn’t have to lug that stinky T0 ring around anymore, either! (:

capreolina gets her T1 ring!!