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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxi

cervid solos bosses!

I’ve posted two videos of cervid (my STR priest) soloing bosses, and forgot to include them in the previous diary entry. Both of these bosses are level 100.

Here I am, soloing Capt. Latanica in 20 minutes & 28 seconds (most of the fight is timelapsed for brevity):

Level 101 STR priest solos Capt. Latanica in 20:28 w/ Echo + 20 WATK buff [YouTube™]

And here I am, soloing two(!?) Crimson Balrogs at once:

STR priest solos 2 Crimson Balrogs [YouTube™]

Boomin’ ducks

I’ve had five level 100 Duck Tubes sitting in my inventory, that I got from opening boxes during the last summer event. At the time, I was just hoping that one day I would manage to achieve level 100 at all. Well, I now have a level 105 STR priest and a level 100 woodswoman, both of whom could make good use of such a Duck Tube, especially when paired with a nice shield! So I decided it was time to round up those duckies and give ’em a couple good scrolls. Because the Duck Tube has kinda underwhelming WATK (90 on average), is a one-handed blunt weapon, and isn’t particularly fast (speed 5, which is generally the slowest speed that you would expect from a one-handed weapon), it needs a good scrollin’. Thankfully, one-handed blunt weapon scrolls (particularly, for our case, 30% for WATK) are quite cheap. So I was pretty excited to scroll these:

All of these were clean, so 7 slots each. This is a pretty damn good lineup; four out of the five tubes are above average, and the average WATK of all five tubes is 92.2 > 90.

I used 30%s on every one of these bad boys, and you’ll never guess what happened: all five (no really, every single one) boomed on the first slot! Wow! I really do love scrolling. Haha!

Chillin’ with Gambolpuddy-chan

Taima (Boymoder, Tacgnol, Yotsubachan) got the itch to play a DEXginner, so she went ahead and made one by the name of Gambolpuddy! Gambolpuddy-chan has big stronk (weapon) accuracy, and big stronk minimum damage that lays waste to every shroom in sight!! Here I am, as my besinner hashishi, training with Gambolpuddy-chan:

Gambolpuddy: i just want to kpq

At the end of the day, don’t we all just wanna KPQ…?

MPQ with Seafoam & taipan

Whilst I was playing hashishi alongside Gambolpuddy, we both were also on our MPQ-level characters: for me, rangifer the pugilist, and for Gambolpuddy, Boymoder the STRlord. A smega or two later, and we managed to pull together people for a functional MPQ party! Joining us were two priests: Seafoam & taipan!:

Meeting Seafoam & taipan

Unfortunately, shortly before we could finish the third stage of our first MPQ, taipan bit the dust:

R.I.P. taipan


taipan had limited time, so she decided that she had to leave anyways. But we were able to finish that MPQ. We opted for the calm version of Angy Fanky…:

Trio Calm Fanky fight

We also had some fun decorating the Juliet-side MPQ lobby:

Decorating MPQ

And Seafoam said that his penguin needed a name, so my immediate suggestion was Heliodorf. After all, what better name for a smol penguin? And so it was:

Seafoam & Heliodorf

Seafoam was new to MPQ, so Boymoder and I taught him the ropes. He said he enjoyed the PQ, so maybe we’ll see Seafoam (and/or one of his other characters) at MPQ again soon!!

cervid trawls the Orbis Tower for cards

You already know what it is: more card-hunting for cervid! This time, featuring the Orbis Tower!:

Orbis Tower card finds

Jr. Sentinel card get!

Sentinel card get!

Ice Sentinel card get!

Fire Sentinel card get!

After finding these sets, I can probably get away with just finishing up some partially-completed sets to get my T1 ring!


Another day, hopefully more MPQs! And to my pleasant surprise, we got the MPQ lobby pretty bumpin’!:


Unfortunately, while we did have quite a few people, we were just short of the number of folx (8) that we would need to split into two parties. MPQ regrettably requires exactly 4 players per party:

MPQ requires exactly 4 players

Transcription of the above image

NiceOnRice: oh we have too many?

Lovecraft: sad

NiceOnRice: i wish the ammount [sic] wasnt so strict

Boymoder: >.<

rangifer: yea haha

Lovecraft: my heart
is hurting

But we were able to resolve the issue after a while, effectively splitting into two parties. In my party was Boymoder, an outlaw by the name of Lovecraft, and an I/L mage by the name of NiceOnRice. The rest of us were, uhm, maybe not so hot when it came to dishing out damage, but NiceOnRice proved to be more than capable of picking up the slack. Here we are, farming up some liquids in stage 3:

Stage 3 with Lovecraft & NiceOnRice

Our first Angy Fanky fight didn’t go terribly well; Lovecraft found his pet to be inadequate for his HP-potion-using needs:

First Franky fight with NiceOnRice and Lovecraft

…But we made it through the fight just fine (if perhaps more slowly), and saved Romeo successfully!

Our PQs after that were generally smoother, and at one point we were joined by the priest lostbearbear, who is also pictured above.

And rangifer is now level 75 (and more than halfway to 76)!!

Transform & chill

Party at Maya’s house

Some buddies of mine who I met as rusa (my DEX spearwoman) at LPQ, including ToxicChicken and Hemo (hxmo), hosted a party at Maya’s house (a map which is bizarrely called “Henesys Townstreet”) during the hour before a server maintenance.

Much mesos were showered around, many illicit drugs were consumed, mae (drainer, maebee, xX17Xx) was there, JamesCharIes paid a visit (and even shared a few top-secret beauty tips), we helped a new player learn how MapleLegends works, and Kimmy even paid a visit (presumably to bust our partying operation, but this was 2〜3 minutes before a maintenance, so we were all about to scram anyways…):

Kimmy busts our illegal party