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rangifer’s diary: pt. xx

Boomin’ Toys

A friend of mine (IGNs SiriusPlaque, SmallMight) has had a cache of Toys of 101 for a while. For those not aware, the Toy of 101 is a level 85 two-handed sword that is only available as a drop from the level 100 Spirit of Rock area boss. Spirit of Rock is a very tough boss (good luck surviving his attacks, or even hitting him at all, with his whopping 55 AVOID), but has relatively low HP (800k) due to being an area boss. SiriusPlaque killed quite a number of these, and got a number of Toys of 101 for his sader/hero, SmallMight. But the Toy of 101 isn’t really that amazing for STR-based warriors like SmallMight; they have access to other two-handed swords around the same level, like the Devil’s Sunrise, Blue Screamer, and Heaven’s Gate, not to mention higher-level upgrades. However, the twist of the Toy of 101 is that it has no stat requirements (unlike usual two-handed swords, which have high STR requirements) and no job requirements (most two-handed swords are warrior-only). In fact, I use a Toy of 101 on my STR priest cervid, and on my woodswoman capreolina. The Toy of 101 is very powerful for odd jobs like permabeginner, STR mage, woods(wo)man, etc., because it’s the best two-handed sword — actually, best sword in general — usable by those jobs. If you’re not familiar with how the maths work out here, you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that this makes the Toy of 101 a truly formidable weapon. And odd job warriors like LUK warriors, DEX warriors, and HP warriors who are swordsmen/white-knights/crusaders/paladins/heroes can benefit a lot from the Toy’s lack of stat requirements, as well.

The Toy of 101 that I use was very kindly donated to me by SiriusPlaque, and because he has no real use for the other Toys anymore, he offered to sell me the others, in exchange for Power Crystal Ores. I was able to get a number of these ores from my experience farming at Taipei 101, as well as from OPQ (see diary pt. xv; this includes entire refined crystals, which are effectively 10 ores each), and some from kind donations due to Kudu! Thank you!! I was able to pay for two of the very good clean Toys that SiriusPlaque had:

Because the Toy that I currently use is 106 WATK, and the finished (read: zero slots) Toy that SiriusPlaque has is 108 WATK, I knew I needed to try really hard when scrolling these things, because I want a substantial upgrade here. Normally, I’m the coward who refuses to use scrolls that don’t either have a 60% or a 100% chance of success… but I know perfectly well when I need to get brave. Unfortunately, two-handed sword 30% scrolls are a tad pricey at the time of writing, somewhere around 1.5M〜1.6M. I bought the 30%s that I used for an average price of 1.53M mesos. Here’s what happened with these two fateful Toys:

Poof! There they go. I sure do love scrolling. :)

Guess it’s time to farm up some more ores

cervid hunts moar cards

cervid’s card-hunting continues, in the quest for moar card.

cervid gets moar Victoria Island cards!

Wild Boar card get!

Blue Mushroom card get!

Jr. Boogie card get!

Evil Eye card get!

And cervid is now at 21 card sets! Just 9 more!! I’m now paying attention to the helpful guides out there, like “Card Hunting Guide: Get your Tier 10 Ring ASAP” and “Monster Book Efficient Farming Guide”! I’m going to try Orbis Tower next!!

LPQing as rusa

It is at this point that I must make a confession. I’ve been worried about the Oddjobs guild not having a sufficient quantity of HB, and I do hope to be doing some tough boss runs maybe in the future! Maybe…?

So… meet rusa, the DEX spear(wo)man:


I was playing rusa somewhat secretly, as I got her to at least level 41, for that maxed HB. Being a DEX spearwoman, she’s somewhat limited in equipment choices; warrior equipment generally has high STR requirements, but I’m stuck at 35 base STR for life. But when it comes to weaponry, there are thankfully a number of odd-job-friendly weapons that are polearms and spears. Having extremely high accuracy (just from each levelup’s AP, I get 5 ⋅ 0.8 = 4 WACC!), and quite stable damage once I get my masteries (and even more stable once I start using third job attacking skills), has been a fun experience so far. While I’m familiar with the maths behind it, I’m not quite so familiar with actually playing warriors, so I’m loving playing one, and being useful to my party, at the same time! And now rusa is an official member of Oddjobs!

Speaking of Oddjobs, here are 5 members meeting up at the LPQ lobby:

Oddjobs meetup at LPQ

Pictured (left-to-right, top-to-bottom): Mootsama, a level 37 dagger fighter; rusa; Taima, a level 104 permabeginner; xX17Xx, a level 39 permarogue; and maebee, a level 39 woodswoman of the hunter variety.

And here we are, in an LPQ party, fighting Alishar for all he’s got!:

Majority Oddjobs Alishar fight

Additionally pictured above is Yotsubachan, a level 37 woodswoman of the crossbowoman variety.

rusa is now level 46, with maxed HB, so she can officially fill in the role of “HB slave”, if needed. :)

The CD grind is real

A friend of mine (Sopooroh) asked if I could Heal him at CDs as my STR priest cervid, so I came to help, and we trio grinded alongside Sopooroh’s hermit friend. For those unfamiliar, the Healing is necessitated by the use of Dragon Roar, which damages the caster for 30% of their MAXHP each time that the skill is used. Almost immediately after they both had to go to sleep, I met with a DrK by the name of ScoopRice, who also needed some Heals.

Now, as a STR priest, I have 20 base INT; as a result of this, the efficacy of my Heal suffers quite a bit (Heal’s efficacy when healing allies is based only on the skill level and the caster’s TMA; its efficacy versus undead enemies is calculated in an unrelated way). Thankfully, I have some decent TMA gear that I use for my I/L magelet, cervine, and I can use MATK buffs to even further boost my low TMA. As a result, my Heals are often powerful enough to suffice for this purpose, although DrKs that are heavily HP washed (30k-ish MAXHP when HB is active) will sometimes have to cancel (by right-clicking) their HB immediately after casting it, so that my Heals are effective enough. Heh. It works quite well though, and I can keep up with the DrK well enough by using my Teleport.

ScoopRice had to take a break for a while, and asked me if I wanted to keep training at the CDs map that we were in. I asked in alliance chat, and Taima responded that she would definitely like to try out CDs. If you’ve read previous diary entries, you’ll know that Taima and I like to train at Fancy Amps together. CDs are quite nearby, and in theory, give us a bit better EPH (experience per hour). But we had never actually tried it, and Taima was actually entirely new to the map. ScoopRice heard that a level 104 permabeginner from my guild was coming, and wanted to see Taima in action for himself. We even briefly tried some trio grinding, with Taima, myself, and ScoopRice! Here we are during duo grinding at CDs:

Grinding CDs with Taima

We actually were grinding for quite a long time (all in all, I was at CDs for some seven-ish hours straight, god help me), and I decided that it was a good place to stop when I hit level 105!!!!!:

cervid hits level 105!!!

Transcription of the above image

Taima: cervid is about to show why she is the oddjobs master :O

cervid: haha

[system message]: ⟨Party⟩ cervid has reached Lv.105.
⟨Guild⟩ cervid has reached Lv.105.