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rangifer’s diary: pt. lxxiv

The Odd Job Initiative

This diary entry’s regularly scheduled odd job taxonomy nerdfest has been displaced! Oh no!! There must be something equally unreadable to replace it…

Well, this diary entry itself has been a bit delayed, as a result of another project that I’m working on. I call it the “Odd Job Initiative”, because I didn’t bother coming up with a better name. To help explain what the Odd Job Initiative is, I’ve adapted a message that I had already composed for another purpose:

I’m reaching out to as many MapleStory odd-jobbed & oddball communities as I possibly can, in the hopes of finding anyone interested in working with me to revitalise & rejuvenate the oddball MapleStory community, and create a unified place for folks to play MapleStory in unorthodox ways!

In MapleLegends, I helped to found a guild by the name of Oddjobs. Oddjobs has since expanded to include a number of MapleLegends players, and has founded an alliance called Suboptimal specifically for oddball MapleStory, including guilds like Flow (the main off-island permabeginner guild of MapleLegends), Victoria (a guild for Victoria-Island-locked characters), and Southperry (the main islander guild of MapleLegends)! The oddball MapleStory community suffers from its sparsity, and Suboptimal is no exception — because I (and some others in Suboptimal) are so deeply invested in oddball MapleStory, we genuinely want to revitalise said community.

I hope that some people out there are willing to try MapleLegends on for size — it’s actually quite hospitable to all manner of odd jobs (and generally oddball playstyles), and it’s quite fun!! Of course, no MapleStory server is perfect — MapleLegends, as a server, has its own share of problems, including the usual issues with HP washing and leeching. That being said, it has a solid and friendly playerbase, and has lots of content, while still staying quite true to the O.G. pre-Big-Bang vibe!

Some of you probably already play (or have played) MapleLegends, and others may already be invested in other servers. It may be presumptuous to expect the latter folks to just uproot themselves and move to another server. That being said, I really do hope to somehow reconnect the oddball MapleStory community with each other again, and I hope that y’all would consider taking a chance on MapleLegends, because I truly think it would be awesome to see oddball Maplers thrive once again!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to DM me on Discord at capreolina!! Also, Oddjobs has a dedicated website that you can find at “Join On Up” section has some info relevant to joining the guild, including rules, and some ways to contact me in-game.

The Odd Job Initiative is my genuine attempt to put the oddball MapleStory community in as concentrated of a space as possible, so that it may live — and ideally, thrive. Although the Odd Job Initiative is focused on my own guild/alliance, my motivation is not selfish. I genuinely believe that MapleLegends has the best chance of being a popular middle ground for oddball Maplers from all corners of the Mapleverse, and the Odd Job Initiative seeks to unify rather than divide. There are no concrete criteria for what it would mean for the Odd Job Initiative to “succeed” or to “fail”. Ultimately, at some point I will feel that it “succeeded”, or “failed”, or perhaps more likely, that it did something in between.

I’ve had a lot of help from Red (Permanovice, Battlesage, Dreamscapes, Hanger), who helped me put a lot of the ideas together, gave feedback & advice on my writing, is doing some of his own recruiting/advertising, and even helped me @everyone when I was too scared to do it! :P

You can find a to-do list — and some other materials — relating to the Odd Job Initiative here. The thing that I’m working on the most actively at the moment is the Introduction To Odd Jobs, which is intended to be a gentler & briefer introduction to odd jobs than the one offered by the list of odd jobs on the Oddjobs website. It covers only the essential odd jobs (noting the existence of some others in passing), and only attempts to describe how each odd job basically works, in plain language. You can find the guide here, but keep in mind that at the time of writing, it is still very much a work in progress.

A little adventuring, with capreolina

I was invited to do a casual Ravana or two with some folks from GangGang & Chroma: Permanovice (Battlesage, Dreamscapes), kookiechan (kookietann, kurisuwu), Moistbeard, and Flai (FIai, NotFlai)! I wanted to get some Rav runs in on my woodswoman capreolina, so I joined the party to help take down the Ravana of legend:

Moistbeard, kookiechan, Flai, & capreolina vs. Ravana

Permanovice was feeling brave, and like he really wanted to boop Ravana, so he did just that:

R.I.P. Red

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

Permanovice: i hit it


Permanovice: LMAO

capreolina: LMFAO

Moistbeard: LMFAO

Oops. R.I.P.…

Speaking of resting in peace, my Rings of Passion are starting to expire…

R.I.P. Ring of Passion

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [Ring of Passion] has passed its expiration date and will be removed from your inventory.
You have joined the party.
‘Harlez’ has joined the party.

capreolina: a moment of silence for my Ring of Passion

Harlez: gg

capreolina: gg indeed

xBowtjuhNL: oh no

Welp, at least I have Thrust to keep me going. It seems that each Ring of Passion is assigned its own expiry at the moment of item creation, so several of my characters are still holding on to theirs.

After some more bossing (read: Ravanas and Papus), capre was inching closer to levelling up. At the end of the last Papulatus run one day, xBowtjuhNL and Harlez decided to let me solo (or at least, mostly solo) the second body. It wasn’t pretty; I didn’t have time to take out my melee weapon before Papu was all up in my grill, so I gradually Strafed it to death… But it was worth it — that was all that capre needed to hit level 127!:

capreolina levels up to 127~

Cool!! I knew I’d level up eventually, if I just kept, you know, going to every Rav/Papu that I was invited to… 😅

Krexel prequests, with rusa

Speaking of killing Ravana: After two such Ravanas, I was invited to do the Krexel prequests with Permanovice, kookiechan, Moistbeard, & CtrlNoble (NobIe, xNoble, 1122). Since I was already trying to get my darksterity knight rusa to level 135 anyways — in order to do some fancy-dancy boss runs with some friends, like Krex, but also Zakum and Scar/Tar, I suppose — I came along as rusa.

I’d never actually completed the Krex prequests before, but I understood that they were mostly just collecting ETCs from the monsters around Ulu City. But first, we killed some Capt. Lats — I think we got a little bit confused and (mistakenly) believed that the Capt. Lat questline was a pre-requisite for the Krex questline. But, in any case, we knew that we needed Soul Lanterns for the Krex questline, so it still made sense:

Moistbeard, Permanovice, rusa, & kookiechan vs. Capt. Lat

Unfortunately, Capt. Lat was being stingy with the lanterns, so we left the Ghost Ship lanternless, and headed to Ulu City to start the questline in earnest:

Moistbeard, kookiechan, rusa, & CtrlNoble @ Ulu

The first order of business was slaying some Veetrons, and the significantly more annoying Berserkies:

rusa vs. Veetrons & Berserkies

Then, our favourite dilapidated French automobiles, the Montrecers:

rusa cannot fight Montrecers

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

rusa: mmm yea i dont have any stun/freeze lmfao

Right, so, it turns out that rusa can’t actually fight these. If you can’t one-shot these things, and can’t disable them in some way (stun/freeze/seal), good luck getting out of their permastuns. Thankfully, my party members were able to pick up the slack and donate some excess Oil Canisters to me. <3

Then, we headed back to Ulu Estate II to kill even moar Veetrons. But really, we were there for the Slygies:

rusa & kookiechan vs. Slygies

It’s hard to know what these things look like, if you’re just looking at the MapleLegends Library entry. They aren’t a small collection of grass clippings. At least, they aren’t just that. You can see one of their pink wormy bodies in the image above. Pretty gross, right?

Anyways, once we had enough severed worm tails to please Commando Jim and his masked friend, we only had one more part to go: killing Dukus for their Rafflesias, and getting that pesky Soul Lantern. We were able to finish up the former bit by hunting in Destroyed Park II, but the Soul Lanterns remained elusive… There weren’t even any on the FM! Drat.

cervine steps closer to the big 120

Level1Crook (Lvl1Crook, xXCrookXx, Sangatsu) and I were fortunate enough to catch some surprise GM buffs just as we were headed to a certain Taiwanese shopping mall to summarily destroy some optical discs! Needless to say, it was a very productive 60 minutes:

cervine & Level1Crook @ CDs w/ GM buffs: 8M EPH

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: cervine — Lv.112 Ice/Lightning Mage — Total EXP: 530,282 (2.73%)
EXP Per Hour: 7,954,200 — EXP Per Minute: 132,570

cervine: :O
clocked 8m eph O_O

WHEW… 8M EPH is probably the most I’ve ever clocked at CDs on my I/L magelet cervine! And, I was already reasonably close to levelling, sooo…

cervine hits level 113~!

Transcription of the above image

cervine: hey matt
whats the next prime number after 109

Level1Crook: whats up

[system message]: ⟨Party⟩ cervine has reached Lv.113.
⟨Guild⟩ cervine has reached Lv.113.

cervine: oh

Level1Crook: 113?

cervine: right

Yey!! Would you look at that! J…ust… seven… more… l… le… levels………

As part of the Odd Job Initiative™, I’ve been sending out goofy recruitment smegas like “i’m an I/L with 567 base LUK. ask me anything! \\\ R>Oddjobs”. Well, I sent an item smega with my tagged Elemental Staff 3 and that message, after we were done grinding CDs. I got a few bemused whispers from concerned citizens of the Maple World, but I also got a surprise gift from someone by the name of SketchySus, who appeared in Taipei 101 proper, where I was NPCing some of my CD goodies, dropped a single Elemental Staff 7, and left before I could even say anything (I tried whispering, but I guess they immediately logged out)!:

cervine’s Elemental Staff 7 gift

Transcription of the above image

Elemental Staff 7

  • Req lev: 163
  • Req LUK: 165
  • Req class: magician
  • Category: staff
  • INT: +2
  • LUK: +3
  • Weapon attack: 109
  • Magic attack: 178
  • Number of upgrades available: 7

Thanks, Sketchy!! Now, all I have to do is level up 50 more times…

Meeting Oahu

Speaking of the Odd Job Initiative, I was fortunate enough to attract the attention of the player behind Oahu (and Cleft). Oahu is a level 62 STRlander of Southperry, one of the original top-ranking islanders of MapleLegends, and the owner of the MapleLegends islander Discord™ server. Because of Oahu’s deep connections with the MapleLegends islanding scene, and his origins from, and connections with, the same scene in MapleRoyals, I was thrilled that he was so interested in the Odd Job Initiative! I met him in-game, on my DEXlander ozotoceros:

Meeting Oahu

When suddenly, Oahu surprised me with a trade request:

Choose one!

Transcription of the above image

[trade window between Oahu & ozotoceros, with Oahu putting up three distinct chairs]

Oahu: surprise! choose one

ozotoceros: omg…

I was flattered that Oahu would offer these kinds of special items to me, especially considering that I had no chairs to speak of yet — well, unless you count þͤ olde Relaxer. I admit, I was a bit nervous to pick one, as I knew that I had to choose wisely! In the end, I went with the flashy Pearl Shell Chair! :3

ozotoceros’s Pearl Shell Chair

Once I had picked a chair, Oahu did a showcase for me of the chairs he’d collected over the years:

Oahu’s chair showcase

Which is a lot of chairs. A lot.

Before we could talk about anything else, though, Oahu directed me to Southperry, where he keeps his islander mules. I already felt more than flattered by the chair, but I didn’t want to be rude and say “no” to some other goodies…

Many of the mules were, erm, BandanaBoys:


Transcription of the above image

BandanaBoy: that was just
one alt
i have

ozotoceros: ahahah

BandanaBoy: on island

ozotoceros: WOW

BandanaBoy2: OH YEAH

ozotoceros: LMFAO

BandanaBoy2: 2

ozotoceros: HOW MANY bandanaboys

BandanaBoy2: dont

ozotoceros: ahaha

BandanaBoy2: ask

BandanaBoy5 brought a very special item:

The Lifeguard Saver

Transcription of the above image

[trade window between BandanaBoy5 & ozotoceros, with BandanaBoy5 putting up a Lifeguard Saver]

BandanaBoy5: thats how good it is

ozotoceros: o_o

BandanaBoy5: yes

ozotoceros: oh shit

BandanaBoy5: thats right

ozotoceros: WHAT

BandanaBoy5: SPEED 1H


A Lifeguard Saver is no joke for an islander — the WATK is decent (the same as þͤ olde GSB), but the SPEED is where it’s at. 10 SPEED (although this one was below average, with just 9 SPEED) is just about as good as it gets, and the fact that it’s a one-handed weapon is a nice bonus, for those who like to sport a cute shield (Maple Shields, in particular, give a bit of AVOID)!!

Oahu also handed me a Miracle Cube. I wasn’t familiar with this particular April Fools’ prank item, so when he instructed me to double-click it, I wasn’t keen enough to get a screenshot (I regret this deeply). Turns out, using it makes your character rip ass:

ozotoceros rips ass

(Why did I hoard so many Amethyst Earrings? Iunno.) When I realised what happened, I was… bizarrely flattered to have passed gas. ’Tis an honour:

Ripping ass is an honour

Transcription of the above image

ozotoceros: hahah
that miracle cube thing
how many?
do you have?

DuckTube2: i have

ozotoceros: wow
so that was like
a legendary fart

DuckTube2: one of the last farts on maple island yes

ozotoceros: thats wild
ive never been

DuckTube2: correct

ozotoceros: so honoured
to rip ass

DuckTube2: it is my pleasure

And with that, Oahu reminded me of the venerable tradition of islander hand-me-downs:


Transcription of the above image

ozotoceros: this is
so much insane stuff omg

Oahu: yeah share the stuff you dont need with other islanders!

ozotoceros: yeah for sure

Oahu: thats how the whole collection started
hand me downs from your elders long passed

So, share I did. With some of the active islanders I’ve played with! A Maple Bandana Yellow for Leozinho:

A ’dana gift for Leo

…And, because Oahu had also found a Red Flowery Tube for me, the Lifeguard Saver went to an islander yet without a good weapon, Izlander!:

Izlander gets the Lifeguard Saver!

More adventures of ozotoceros

But wait — there’s more! The adventures of my DEXlander ozotoceros don’t end there. I grinded to level 36!:

ozotoceros hits level 36~!

Did a few rounds of the islander quest with Leozinho and Dexual:

Leozinho, Dexual, & ozotoceros turning in the islander quest

…Which propelled me to level 37! :o

ozotoceros hits level 37~!

At which point, I met up with Subcortical (Cortical, GishGallop, SussyBaka, CokeZeroPill, WizetWizard) whilst grinding. We played a friendly match of anti-omok:

Anti-omok: ozotoceros vs. Subcortical

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

ozotoceros: neither of us can fill
that hole at the top

Subcortical: hahaha
the winner is the loser

Which turned into what is probably the only omok win I’ve ever had (ok, technically a loss, in some sense — a losswin?):

ozotoceros losewins at anti-omok!

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

Subcortical: T_T

ozotoceros: first game of omok ive won

Subcortical: ahahaha

So, basically, I’m… kind of an omok expert now. No big deal.

I met Izlander, as well as veteran islander 1sme (Ismezin), who just sat there lookin’ cool with The Legendary Gold Poop Hat™ on:

Meeting Izlander & 1sme

I also met up with some other islanders, including Christopher and Kimberly, together representing almost all of the guilds in Suboptimal (all except Victoria)!:

Islander meetup

(The above screenshot is courtesy of Oahu.)

Aaaand I hit level 38! :)

ozotoceros hits level 38~!

I was also deeply pleased to pass the very first(!) (and so far, only) top WDEF 10% that I’ve ever found!!:

ozotoceros’s perfect (+1) shirt!

Transcription of the above image

Red-Striped T-Shirt (+1 Female)

  • Req lev: 11
  • Category: top
  • HP: +10
  • Weapon def.: 18
  • Magic def.: 3
  • Number of upgrades available: 6

On a perfect clean Red-Striped T-Shirt, no less! This shirt will likely never leave my body…[1]

Oh, and even with my reckless Myo Myo expenditures, I’ve managed to hit the 1M meso mark. :P

ozotoceros hits the 1M meso mark

I was also able to get those GM buffs (the same ones that my I/L magelet cervine got) on ozotoceros! While I was in the FM entrance on cervine, waiting for GM buffs, I asked GM Mirror if there would be any islander buffs. It seemed that this was the only thing reminding her to do islander buffs, so in effect, I ended up requesting personal buffs for myself…

Personal GM buffs from Mirror

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

Mirror [serverwide announcement]: 2 minutes for islander buff! amherst ch1

ozotoceros: tyyy

Mirror [all chat]: is [it] just u

ozotoceros: probably LOL

Mirror: perosnal [sic] buff for u

ozotoceros: :D

I was a bit harried at this point — as I was operating four(!) clients at this point, for maximum GM buffage — but I made sure to thank Mirror, as I felt a tad guilty for making her come to the island to just buff me…

In any case, I used the GM buffs to their maximum potential, at Pigs! I even got up onto that top bit where those two pesky Shrooms spawn!!:

ozotoceros at the peak of the Pigs map

Wowie. I can see all of Maple Island from up here!

Needless to say, I did some @epm testing:

ozotoceros’s solo GM buffs EPM test

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: ozotoceros — Lv.38 Beginner — Total EXP: 3,306 (1.37%)
EXP Per Hour: 66,120 — EXP Per Minute: 1,102

66.1k EPH, whew. Those are some phat numbers right there.

Footnotes for “More adventures of ozotoceros”

  1. [↑] Cue the jokes about islanders never showering. Har, har…

The seventh floor of the Sutra Depository

In the previous diary entry, my darksterity knight rusa tried out 7 F for the first time, alongside xBowtjuhNL, Gruzz, and Harlez. This section documents some more experiments in grinding that rusa has done since then.

I tried duoing at Petrifighters with Gruzz, which yielded some pretty crazy results:

rusa & Gruzz, Petris @epm tests

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.131 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 1,736,407 (3.25%)
EXP Per Hour: 26,046,060 — EXP Per Minute: 434,101

rusa: ooo i clocked 26m eph

Gruzz: woo :D

rusa: o_o

Gruzz: epic

rusa: :D

Gruzz: I got 40.9m B)

rusa: O_O

I did head back to 7 F again to trio with Harlez and xBowtjuhNL, which got me less EPH (≈18.2M or so), but is a more suitable map for rusa:

rusa, xBowtjuhNL, & Harlez trio 7 F

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.131 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 605,821 (1.13%)
EXP Per Hour: 18,174,600 — EXP Per Minute: 302,910

rusa: ooo cool
i clocked 18.2m eph :D

However, what perhaps surprised me the most was when I did my first @epm test while soloing 7 F:

rusa’s first solo 7 F @epm test

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.131 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 1,014,660 (1.9%)
EXP Per Hour: 15,219,900 — EXP Per Minute: 253,665

Churning out a whole 15.2M EPH all by my lonesome is no joke. In fact, this sort of (we’ll get to that in a second) means that rusa has graduated from CDs!! As recorded in a previous diary entry, rusa tends to get roughly ≈10M EPH (not to mention my pure STR bishop cervid’s EPH) while sadsadgrinding at CDs. So 7 F actually represents a pretty big step up, which is exciting (and doesn’t hurt my eyes nearly as much as Taipei 101)!

That being said, the MPH (mesos per hour) situation is a little different. CDs are just consistently good money; grinding there is pretty much a guaranteed payout, even if there are some minor fluctuations in that payout due to random chance. 7 F, on the other hand, I have to pay money to train at. Every additional hour that I train at 7 F bleeds more mesos from my purse, mostly in the form of Satays. So, inevitably, it seems that the grinding strategy here is just “sadgrind at 7 F, and then sadsadgrind at CDs to make back the money”. So, you know, maybe that doesn’t truly count as “graduating from CDs”, but hey — I take what I can get.

Oh, and that was enough to take rusa to level 132! c:

rusa hits level 132~!

I figured that I should directly compare against Petris, just in case soloing Petris actually was better EPH than soloing 7 F. Turns out, it’s not:

Petris are not that good…

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.132 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 773,500 (1.37%)
EXP Per Hour: 11,602,500 — EXP Per Minute: 193,375

rusa: ok petris are not that good
i clocked 11.6m eph just now
off to 7f i guess

I did some 7 F trioing with Harlez and a bishop by the name of RUSSOSKY, which… well… I got a lot of EXP. Like, a lot:

rusa’s 7 F EPM w/ RUSSOSKY & Harlez

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.132 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 1,709,448 (3.03%)
EXP Per Hour: 34,188,960 — EXP Per Minute: 569,816

As I was doing some solo grinding there, I finished up the Silver Giant set (I had already finished the Wooden Fish set, as it’s basically trivial):

rusa is 5⧸5 on 7 F fishies & Silver Giants

…And hit level 133~!:

rusa hits level 133~!

I was joined by F/P mage 2sus4u of Flow:

rusa & 2sus4u @ 7 F

Unfortunately, 7 F is kind of a hostile map — it’s a bit hectic, the Wooden Fishes auto-aggro, and there are no safe spots. There’s kinda a safe spot (I like to call these “semi-safe spots”) if you stand exactly on the left edge of the portal into the dungeon, because at that point you aren’t in range of any of the Wooden Fishes, and the giants can’t touch attack you. But, as soon as a giant uses a magic attack in your general vicinity, it’s all over. So, 2sus4u decided that we should try mist training at her usual spot: FoT.

rusa & 2sus4u @ FoT

Training this way is less dangerous, although it’s a bit fast-paced (at least, for me). We were dual-channel training, which meant that I had to follow 2sus4u into the left side of the map, sweep from left to right (hitting anything along the way), then exit the map on its right side, change channels, and repeat. This is a nonstop, continuous process, and considering that 2sus4u has Teleport, whereas I do not, I have to do a fair amount of huffing & puffing to keep up.

After getting some EXP from mist training, I headed back to solo 7 F and get rusa her level 134!:

rusa hits level 134~!

Also while soloing 7 F, I found a legendary item only spoken of in whispers: a Golden Giant card:

Gold Giant card get!!

One down, four more to go…

With the GM buffs that I mentioned in earlier sections of this diary entry, I tried some more solo 7 F, and tested how much the GM buffs would increase my EPH:

rusa solo 7 F w/ GM buffs @epm test

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.134 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 1,314,577 (2.1%)
EXP Per Hour: 19,718,640 — EXP Per Minute: 328,644

Wowzers. 19.7M solo EPH ain’t half bad… And partway through the GM buffs, I was joined by Harlez, which put my EPH into the sky:

rusa & Harlez duo 7 F w/ GM buffs, @epm test

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: rusa — Lv.134 Dark Knight — Total EXP: 1,647,772 (2.63%)
EXP Per Hour: 32,955,420 — EXP Per Minute: 549,257

Later, I conveniently found a Power Stance 20 mastery book in one of the Wooden Fishes — I was just one SP away from being able to use the book myself:

rusa finds a Power Stance 20 book!

I was joined briefly by a level 169 shadower by the name of Jrmyy, who was close to levelling and wanted to get ≈3% more EXP. I agreed to duo, and we grinded until I levelled up!:

rusa hits level 135~!!!

Ah, and there it is. Level 135!!!! :D Some more grinding, and we were able to get Jrmyy his level 170!!! Grats!

And so, I did use that mastery book. And it failed. Amen.

Now that rusa is level 135, will we see some new bosses in the future…? Only time will tell… :)

hashishi @ LMPQ

Permapirate Copo (Bipp, Celim, Sommer, Fino) was trying to put together an LMPQ (Ludibrium Maze Party Quest) party. Naturally, finding members is quite difficult, as no one actually regularly does LMPQ on MapleLegends. I was down to do some LMPQs myself, but because it’s only available to level 51〜70 characters, I was short on options. Normally, I don’t consider PQing with my besinner hashishi, because of my experience of doing a few OPQs and feeling disproportionately useless. However, I had never tried LMPQ, so I figured I may as well give it a go. Copo recruited two others by the names of cutiewizard and DarkClover, and we set off to maze some party quests:

hashishi, Copo, cutiewizard, & DarkClover @ LMPQ

Some readers are doubtless at least somewhat familiar with LMPQ, but for those who are not, the basic idea is this: LMPQ has 16 rooms, and you start in a random room that isn’t room 16. Then, you go around the rooms, breaking the boxes until monsters come out. Killing the monsters yields tickets. You take the tickets to room 16, and once everyone is in room 16, you can finish the PQ. The amount of EXP that you get directly depends on how many tickets the leader was holding when you ended the PQ. The trick is that only rooms 6 and 7 are actually worth doing; the monsters in these rooms drop WAY more tickets than any other monsters in the PQ:

Copo & hashishi vs. Tauromacis

The other twist is that going from room to room is not entirely trivial. Each room has three portals, and they increase the room number by ⟨+4, +7, −3⟩, respectively. If you go above 15, or below 1, the numbers simply wrap around at those points, like: ⋯, 14, 15, 1, 2, ⋯[1]

I’ve actually done quite a few LMPQs in my Maple career, but nowadays they are so infrequent that I have to relearn how the portals work (at the very least, relearning ⟨+4, +7, −3⟩) every time. And, because the only monsters that we were fighting were Tauromacis and the occasional Flyeye, I wasn’t all that effective at killing the monsters — although I definitely could kill them myself, if we were willing to do PQs eight times more slowly… Nevertheless, I got the hang of navigating the rooms quickly enough that I could help break boxes to start the combat before other people got there.

I found out that LMPQ has a few interesting reward items here and there. I remembered it being mostly a lot of potions, which is true. When doing other things (e.g. other PQs), eventually you have to go and repot. With LMPQ, the only thing that you have to do is “unpot”, if you will. There’s no way to run out of pots, given that LMPQ shoves massive quantities of them into your inventory. The only issue is making sure that your inventory has some space remaining… That being said, we got some other interesting loot, including Emergency Rescue Tubes, Yellow Umbrellas, Green Strap Shoes, Blood Snowboards, and a nifty scroll or two like cape INT 10%! Perhaps a tad disappointing is the fact that all the equipment is exactly average. None of the stats are random. But hey, still pretty neato.

Footnotes for “hashishi @ LMPQ”

  1. [↑] Well, sort of. If you go into the middle portal of room 9, you don’t end up in room 1, like you’d expect. You end up in room 16. In fact, this is the only way to get to room 16. Room 16 only has one portal, which leads back to room 9. So much for a nice structure