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rangifer’s diary: pt. lxx

Taxonomising odd jobs, pt. iv: Microtaxonomy & encodings. §6

In the previous section (§5) of this part (pt. iv), I finally fleshed out a set of all odd jobs, i.e. the odd job universe (version 1.0.0). The universe was expressed using a particular RON schema, and I also presented those same data in the form of a giant table. For now, I want to wrap up this part (pt. iv) of the series by commenting on the data that I essentially dumped in the previous section, with only comments on the format of the data, and not on the data themselves. And then, I want to do a little speculation on what can be done next.

But first, an erratum or two…

Errata (odd job universe, version 1.1.0)


Version 1.0.0:

    "STRginner": Job(
        weaponry: Weaponry(
            allowed: All,
            canonical: WepTypes([
                OneHandedSword, OneHandedMace, Dagger, TwoHandedSword, Polearm,

Version 1.1.0:

    "STRginner": Job(
        weaponry: Weaponry(
            allowed: All,
            canonical: WepTypes([

STRginners (and only STRginners) get access to the Sake Bottle, so we add two-handed BW to their list of canonical weapon types. I probably forgot about this because, you know, MapleLegends doesn’t have Sake Bottles.

LUKless sin

Version 1.0.0:

    "LUKless sin": Job(
        weaponry: Weaponry(
            allowed: All,
            canonical: WepTypes([

Version 1.1.0:

    "LUKless sin": Job(
        weaponry: Weaponry(
            allowed: All,
            canonical: WepTypes([

Daggers were included in the LUKless sin’s canonical weapons, probably because I copy-and-pasted the canonical weapons for STRginner and then added claws. Daggers should not be included, as a result of LUKless sins being LUKless and not getting any dagger skills (besides Double Stab).

And, I forgot two-handed axes and BWs, which should be included for the same reason that they’re included for woods(wo)men and brigands.

Comments on the odd job universe, version 1.1.0

General comments

Comments on specific odd jobs

Not all of the entries are covered below; the others should be self-explanatory.

Looking ahead

This essentially concludes pt. iv of this series. In pt. v (and beyond), we have some things to look forward to — particularly, actually getting some taxonomies fleshed out! Hopefully!! Even more particularly, here are some things that I have floating around in the back of my mind:

Footnotes for “Looking ahead”

  1. [↑] A hypergraph is called “simple” iff it has no loops and has no repeated edges. Loops in hypergraphs are analogous to loops in graphs, viz. a hypergraph loop is an edge of cardinality exactly 1. And repeated edges in hypergraphs are analogous to multi-edges in graphs, viz. multiple edges that are the same set.

A little light LPQing

I hopped onto my DEX brawler LPQ mule sorts to do some LPQs with Flow neophyte trishaa, fellow LPQ mule Sangatsu (Lvl1Crook, xXCrookXx, Level1Crook), and DEX page attackattack (xX17Xx, partyrock, breakcore, drainer, strainer, maebee)! We were able to do some all-Suboptimal (again, ignoring that some of the characters we’re playing here are not actually in the alliance…) runs thanks to attackattack also bringing along her gunslinger, partyrock. Here we are, embattled with glowy-eyed whale guy:

trishaa, sorts, Sangatsu, & attackattack vs. Alishar

And, these LPQs made great stage 8 JMS method practice for trishaa. Once mastered, the JMS method is the mark of a true LPQer!

panolia @ Magatia

I did an MPQ or two on my permarogue panolia, alongside chief dit asdsaou and outlaw bigolebarry:

asdsaou, panolia, & bigolebarry @ MPQ stage 3

Afterwards, I remembered that I wanted to try “Keeny’s Research on Frankenroid”, a quest that acts as the culmination of the Keeny’s Research questline, but is not available to characters who are outside of the MPQ level range (71〜85). I’d never done it before, so I went ahead and did the earlier, more familiar quests in the questline. First up was “Keeny’s Research on Roid”:

Roid card get!

Followed by “Keeny’s Research on Neo Huroid!”:

Neo Huroid card get!

Followed by “Keeny’s Research on D.Roid!!”, during which I was fortunate enough to stumble across a D. Roy:

panolia vs. D. Roy

Again lucky for me, this D. Roy dropped not only the Broken Mechanical Heart that I needed for my quest, but also a Magic Stone of Trust that panolia will need later when she does the main Magatia questline! And, turning in the heart, I got a pair of Mechanical Gloves in exchange:

panolia wields the Mechanical Gloves

They look less like mechanical gloves, and more like the black cat paws from the Cash Shop to me, but whatever.

Keeny’s Research on Frankenroid is basically an MPQ check; it just requires that you’ve successfully (meaning also saving Romeo/Juliet) defeated Angy Fanky. In exchange, you get… an overall DEX 10% scroll. Could be worse, I suppose…

Wild animals in the forest

My woodsmaster, capreolina, now has a diverse assemblage of creatures following her at all times, as befits a forester.

For contrast, here we have capreolina followed by merely two koalas, helping Permanovice (Dreamscapes, Battlesage) & kookiechan kill a Papulatus, alongside two DKs, FearNoPain & Orsaris:

FearNoPain, Osaris, kookiechan, Permanovice, & capre vs. Papu

As a result of being HB’d the entire time, I didn’t have to worry about the second body touching me and, as a result, yeeting my lifeless body to the grave. But, I wanted to have this reassurance even in the absence of HB. So, now that capre has no more ring tiers to attain, it was time to shape up with some pet equips instead. To exploit the rather bizarre mechanic of getting stat increases from your pet’s equipment, I would need more than just one pet — after all, just one pet can only equip one equipment item at best. Instead, I need three HP-holders — I mean, pets. So for that, I need to acquire the special-sauce skill by completing the Pet-Walking Road JQ:

capre gets Follow the Lead

Very nice. But in order to actually have three pets that I could put out at once, I thought I’d try reviving some Nerdy Koalas. You see, I’m a bit new to the whole “pet” thing, relatively speaking. I started playing MapleStory some time in 2005, and it wasn’t until recently (around when my pure STR priest cervid was level 100〜109 or so) that I actually tried using pets. As ridiculous as it may sound, yes, I had been looting and potting manually for all these years. I just thought it was part of the game, okay?? It’s not like Nekksyn would ever let me use pets without absconding with my money, and I mentally transferred this state of affairs to private servers as well, when I started playing those.

In any case, I found out the hard way that pets “expire” after 90 days, and I didn’t know how to revive them. Nor did I care to find out — at this point, I’m already about to Do A Thing™, so I need that pet right now. Thus, I adapted to simply re-buying the pet (as the Cash Shop is generally accessible from almost any map) any time the life of a pet dried up.

Is that pet abuse? Maybe… But I decided to rectify my lack of pet knowledge on this day, and revive some of the Nerdy Koala dolls that I had shamefully sitting in my Cash Shop inventory:

capre w/ 4 koalas

That’s not one, not two, but four koalas! Three of them are bright pink, and one is seated on my back. I actually bought pet equips for all three of these pets. I had never looked at pet equips, and now that I looked at them for the first time, I realised that most pet equips are specific to a particular pet species. So, I searched for “koala” and found the baby koala equip, which is a bright yellow baby koala that sits on top of the Nerdy Koala pet.

At this point, I had seven koalas following me at all times, three of which were bright pink, three of which were bright yellow, and the other of which was seated on my back. Although capre has been using the Nerdy Koala pet (primarily to match the koala on my back) since she started using pets for the first time, I realised now that six koala pets was too much. The colours are just awful, which is why I don’t have a screenshot of that here, to spare your eyes. So, in the end, I swapped out two of the Nerdy Koalas for other pets:

capre w/ pet equips on

As you can see, all three have their pet equips on: the Brown Kitty with their aviation gear on, and the Monkey with a little red bow on their head! And still, a Nerdy Koala with the bright yellow baby koala on top. This is an improvement, but I might just boom the koala equip (I already passed two 30%s on it…) and switch to another pet… x)

In any case, I passed two 30%s on all three of these pet equips. Two of them still have five slots left(!), and the other has four slots left. So, this is a pretty good start (if only I could get my hands on some 60%s…), and that means that capre now has enough MAXHP (without HB) to take hits from Ravana!:

Bipp, Snel, & capre vs. Rav

Cool! :D You can see capre fighting Rav here, alongside Bipp (Celim, Copo, Sommer, Fino, Cassandro) and Snel (LawdHeComin) of Flow — and my pure STR bishop cervid. I tried bringing along cervid for the HS, simply disconnecting her client before the boss died, so that she didn’t leech any EXP. It worked quite well, although for some reason I feel a bit dirty doing it…

But, anyways, I decided that being followed around at all times by three koalas, a monkey, and a cat, wasn’t enough for me. So I went to the Aquarium to protect a certain hoggo:

capre protecting the hog

I proceeded to force my Vicloc dagger spearwoman d34r to pay for the Pheromone Perfume (a significant sum of 20M mesos), and headed to The Area of Wild Hog to catch a wild hog of my own:

capre, hogged

And my mount cover of choice: the owl!!

capre, owled

Very nice! :D Oh, and how could I forget? In addition to the three koalas, the monkey, the cat, and the owl, I also have my lovely Phoenix:

capreolina: fuck ’em up, birdy

Fuck ’em up, birdy!!! And by “them”, I of course mean the Black Bear Swordsmen that I was fighting — along with many other Mt. Song Town monsters — in an attempt to check out some of the quests that this region had in store. While I was there, the game decided to tease me by giving me a few cards:

Black Bear Swordsman card get!

Male Thief card get!

(Above is a Male Thief card.)

Eagle Swordsman card get!

(Above is an Eagle Swordsman card.)

I completed three or four quests here, including “The Door to Bai Shan”, which was the most difficult, and gave perhaps the best reward: 150k base EXP (450k EXP after multipliers) — not too shabby — and a fame.

cervine @ CDs

You already know who it is: my I/L magelet cervine. You already know where it is: Star Avenue South Section. And you already know what it is: cryopreserving optical discs!!

I managed to catch some GM buffs (and Echo of Hero), and used them to sadgrind for 60 minutes:

cervine w/ GM buffs, solo EPH test

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

[system message]: cervine — Lv.111 Ice/Lightning Mage — Total EXP: 298,540 (1.62%)
EXP Per Hour: 4,478,100 — EXP Per Minute: 74,635

Nearly 4.5M EPH! Not bad at all!! However, significantly higher EPH is attainable with the aid of not just HS, but also, you know, actually partying:

cervine hits level 112~!

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

cervine: huh, thats weird

[system message]: ⟨Party⟩ cervine has reached Lv.112.
⟨Guild⟩ cervine has reached Lv.112.

Level1Crook: cool

Niceee~ One step closer to I/L archmagelet, haha!

Helping Permanovice with the main Taipei 101 questline

Speaking of Taipei 101, I went to Taipei 101 as my darksterity knight rusa to help Permanovice (Battlesage, Dreamscapes) complete the main Taipei 101 questline (Dreamy Park Concert, followed by “The Missing Sheet Music”). As some readers may already know, this quest essentially entails collecting the ETCs from most of the species of monster found in Taipei 101 (with the exception of CDs, which are strangely not part of the questline at all). In particular, this means:

Whew. That’s a lot of ETCs. And unfortunately for our prospective quester, CDs — the only species not represented here — are the only popular training spot in all of Taipei 101[1], and there are no Taipei 101 monsters that drop cards, either. So you won’t have any luck trying to buy these ETCs on the FM. And that truly is unfortunate, as the perfumes in particular are a supreme pain in the arse to collect ETCs from. Collecting 600 perfumes is a frankly ridiculous chore — unless, of course, you can rawr:

Permanovice, rusa, & Level1Crook killing perfumes

So, I collected with Permanovice (and, as you can see above, also Level1Crook at times) 1 200 perfumes, 600 mannequin ETCs, and 150 Cheap Speakers. Why so many perfumes and mannequin ETCs? Well, we gathered up enough ETCs for both of us to complete the quest. And Permanovice already had the amplifier ETCs, and I had a bunch of Fancy Amplifier Cables on my undead daggermit alces, so we didn’t collect quite as many of those. Anyways, I completed Dreamy Park Concert, and all I got was this lousy Red Umbrella:

rusa finishes the main Taipei 101 quest

Ouf. But Permanovice was kind enough to buy two Spirit of Rock’s Music Scores, one for each of us, so we both completed the entire questline. Which makes us both proud owners of the super sweet Electric Guitar Necklace

Footnotes for “Helping Permanovice with the main Taipei 101 questline”

  1. [↑] This is not entirely true; Kid Mannequins used to be popular when they had full-map-range auto-aggro behaviour (which was a long time ago). And nowadays, Fancy Amps are a popular spot for single-target-only attackers, with Cheap Amps being (as their names imply) a cheaper alternative. Of course, these are level >70 training spots, so the only characters who are still single-target-only by this point are odd-jobbers…

Hangin’ out at the Training Zone

As I was online and playing rusa, OmokTeacher (Slime, Thinks, Slimu) logged on to say hi and see what’s up. He got into a conversation with Permanovice in buddy chat, and we went to HQ[1] to chat there. We were comparing the various “pogginners” (pog + beginner) of MapleLegends, such as OmokTeacher and Permanovice themselves, as well as Taima (Tacgnol, Boymoder, Hanyou, Numidium, Gambolpuddy), Gumby, Cortical (GishGallop, Medulla, BowerStrike, xXcorticalXx, SussyBaka, CokeZeroPill), LoneW0lf1600 (LoneWolf1600), Outside, etc. And, naturally, this resulted in OmokTeacher and Permanovice wanting to test their DPH on the spot… So, to the Training Zone we went…

OmokTeacher, cervid, & Permanovice @ Training Zone

I took along my pure STR bishop cervid so that I could participate side-by-side with these STRginners. In the end, of course, the results are not exactly fair (as my various magician/cleric/priest/bishop skills have given me the EXP advantage…), but we compared anyways, with the focus being on OmokTeacher’s and Permanovice’s numbers. As usual, these tests were just with typical self-buffs and Ciders:

DPH testing @ Training Zone

Transcription of the above image

OmokTeacher: seeing some chunky near 6k[’]s from u deer x_x

[system message]: cervid — Lv.124 Bishop — Total Damage: 446,956
Damage Per Hour: 13,408,680 — Damage Per Minute: 223,478

cervid: yea haha occasionally

OmokTeacher: whachu got?
lemme guess

cervid: i almost attacked the whole time so i think that was an ok measurement

OmokTeacher: 13.1m

cervid: close!

OmokTeacher: 12.8m?

cervid: 13.4m

OmokTeacher: omg

cervid: hahah

OmokTeacher: i got 10.6m

cervid: ooo

OmokTeacher: Redz?

Permanovice initially clocked 10.5M DPH, and so OmokTeacher (with 10.6M DPH) thought that he had won the contest. But Permanovice realised that he was using some DEX gear, so after switching to a STR robe, he instead clocked a whopping 11.4M DPH! Also, both OmokTeacher and I have our Crimson Arcglaives exposed in the screenshot above, but Permanovice has an NX weapon cover equipped, so for anyone who’s wondering, Permanovice is holding a Fan and a Stolen Fence.

Footnotes for “Hangin’ out at the Training Zone”

  1. [↑] We have a joint alliance headquarters between the Suboptimal alliance and the GangGang guild at FM 7-7 (channel 7, room 7). You should check it out and BUY MY SHIT @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Card-hunting (and a little questing along the way): Because apparently, I have nothing better to do

Now that my woodsmaster capreolina got the T10 ring, I have been wandering around, a lost deer, trying to figure out what to do now.

I was invited to do some card-hunting with INTslinger Lvl1Crook (Level1Crook, xXCrookXx) and page vvvv (of Tunas). So, after some futzing about with my characters, I decided to bring my I/L magelet cervine to help these two hunt some Wild Boar cards:

cervine, Lvl1Crook, & vvvv @ Wild Boars

They were having a lot of trouble getting the Wild Boards to cough up some cards, but cervine fixed that right up:

Wild Boar card get!

Once we all had our respective 5⧸5 Wild Boar cards, we headed to The Swamp of Despair III to hunt some Ligators:

Ligator card get!

I suggested that we go one map to the right, as The Swamp of Despair III is basically just Ligators (with the occasional Jr. Necki sliding around the bottom), whereas Dangerous Croko I has both Ligators and Crocos. Then, once we get 5⧸5 Croco, we could go back to The Swamp of Despair III to finish up Ligator sets as necessary. But the main motivation for staying in The Swamp of Despair III was that Lvl1Crook was too smart. And too many smarticle particles made him not so good at shooty-shooting, so the Crocos were a bit too much of a challenge. But, just to see how bad it really was, we went there anyways to test it out. Plus, I needed at least 50 Croco Skins for the Dyle questline:

cervine & Lvl1Crook vs. Dyle

Croco card get!

Later, once Lvl1Crook and vvvv had left, I continued on card-hunting in Victoria Island, because… why not, I guess. So I headed to the Ant Tunnel for some Zombie Mushrooms…:

Zombie Mushroom card get!

…And some Horny Mushrooms[1]…:

Horny Mushroom card get!

…And some oversized Zombie Mushrooms…:

cervine vs. ZMM

Zombie Mushmom card get!

…And some Evil Eyes (a particularly easy set):

Evil Eye card get!

I hit up my favourite tree dungeon for the Curse Eye set:

Curse Eye card get!

And then, I headed to Florina Beach for some of the card sets there, as well as for the Defeat King Clang! questline:

Tortie card get!

Clang card get!

I was fortunate enough to stumble across a Casey and complete my quest:

cervine vs. Casey

And I finished up the Lorang set, thus finishing all three main sets on Florina Beach:

Lorang card get!

I went to Ellinia to do the Defeat Faust questline, and while I was there in The Forest of Evil I, I went ahead and did the Malady set:

Malady card get!

I also got a start on my Zombie Lupin set, which I later finished at Monkey Swamp III:

Zombie Lupin card get!

I did the Iron Hog set between Pig Park and Pig Park II:

Iron Hog card get!

And moved on to Perion to get the Perion Drake sets: Copper Drakes…

Copper Drake card get!

…And those gosh darned Red Drakes:

Red Drake card get!

It was at this point that I finally found a Faust:

cervine vs. Faust

Faust card get!

Cool! I finished the questline and got a card! Anyways, back to Perion for those Iron Boars…

Iron Boar card get!

And I headed to the top floor of the Nautilus to ask Muirhat about his questline that follows “The Half-written Letter”. After taking down some Stone Golems, I headed to TfoG for some Dark Stone Golems and some Mixed Golems:

Mixed Golem card get!

And then, again, back to Perion for some Excavation Site monsters. Like Officer Skeles…:

cervine vs. Officer Skeletons

…And Skeleton Soldiers…:

Skeleton Soldier card get!

…And everyone’s favourite: Commander Skeletons! These lovely lads are strong against ice, so I had to take out the ol’ Thunderbolt:

cervine vs. Commander Skeletons

Not very swift at killing them, but good enough for the quest at least…

And, finally, to Deep Sleepywood for the last critters of the questline. Again with the resistance to ice, we have Ice Drakes:

cervine vs. Ice Drakes

Terrible. You’re not allowed to be ice ­— I’m ice!! Stop being so icy, so that my ice ices you better!!!

And just your ordinary, average Drakes:

Drake card get!

And last but not least, the Tauromacis and Taurospears. As usual, only the Taurospears are willing to part with their cards:

Taurospear card get!

I also did Mr. Wetbottom’s Secret Book, and got myself another snazzy Sauna Robe:

Sauna Robe get!

And I finished up my Mixed Golem set and my Shade set…

Shade card get!

…Just in time to get a snazzy T2 ring!:

T2 get!

And, for want of something else to do, I headed to the Orbis Tower for more monsters to card-hunt:

Jr. Sentinel card get!

None of these card sets pose any threat to our intrepid card-hunter cervine, who is armed with not one, but two multi-target magic spells.

Sentinel card get!

Of course, there is the Ice Sentinel, formidable as it is with its rimy exterior.

Ice Sentinel card get!

But, to balance it out, we have the Ice Sentinel’s evil, but tender, twin: the Fire Sentinel.

Fire Sentinel card get!

Warm and fuzzy as it appears, the Leatty is nevertheless cold at heart as well.

Leatty card get!

But, like the Ice Sentinel, the Leatty has a tender evil twin, more reddish in hue.

Dark Leatty card get!

And we can’t forget our miniature spheniscid friends, the Jr. Pepes. Adapted to harsh Antarctic winters, they too would shrug at my Ice Strikes.

Jr. Pepe card get!

And I would have ventured further, to the Jr. Pepe’s aquatic cousins (also adapted to harsh winters…), but they also share habitat with some of our Upper Aqua Road friends, so they can be saved for later.

Having gotten the Shade set for cervine, I stumbled across one and decided to get the set for my daggermit alces and my darksterity knight rusa. Shade is a spooky guy, and it’s spooky season, but there’s no spooky event, so that meant it was time to say goodbye to last year’s spooky event cosmetics… which I had been using on alces…

R.I.P. Halloween 2020 cosmetics…

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [Hallowkitty’s Witch Hat] has passed its expiration date and will be removed from your inventory.
[Silence Bandaid] has passed its expiration date and will be removed from your inventory.


But, no matter — I did finish both of these sets:

Shade card get!

Shade card get!

And got the stray Wraith card here and there:

Wraith card get!

I did a bit of browsing for cards as rusa, too. I accidentally stumbled on a Jr. Booger card or two:

Jr. Boogie card get!

As I was headed to The Cave of Evil Eye for the Evil Eye set:

Evil Eye card get!

I also said hi to the reanimated mother of all mushrooms, but did not finish her set:

Zombie Mushmom card get!

Later, I got bored and browsed for cards on my pure STR bishop cervid. cervid had partially done the Orbis Tower, but never actually finished. So I went back for the Dark Leatties…:

Dark Leatty card get!

…And the Jr. Pepes:

Jr. Pepe card get!

And I headed back to Victoria Island for some of the quests there, including more of those pesky area boss quests. To that end, I beat up some flying old ladies:

cervid vs. Malady

And I hung around The Swamp of Despair III and Dangerous Croko I for a while, not even for quests. I just wanted some cards. But these silly crocodilian fellows refused to give up their precious rectangles, so I had to make do with the surfboards that they kept giving me:

cervid gets a surf gift from the Ligators

cervid gets… another surf gift from the Ligators

Oh, well. Better luck next time!

Footnotes for “Card-hunting (and a little questing along the way): Because apparently, I have nothing better to do”

  1. [↑] Any readers who play(ed) MapleLegends are already familiar with the in-game “[MapleTip]” that reads something like:

    “Horny Mushroom” is actually called Horned Mushroom.

    If I made a joke about how silly this MapleTip was, it would not be the first — many have pointed out the humour. Reading the MapleTip literally, it’s plainly false: Horny Mushrooms are not only named as such in String.wz, but that is de facto what they are actually called by Anglophone players of the game.

    But, presumably, the MapleTip is just very poorly worded. Perhaps the MapleTip’s author meant to say that Horny Mushroom was merely a poor translation of the original Korean name for the monster, and that Wizet presumably meant to translate it as Horned Mushroom, or similar. This is very plausible, even obvious — horny is occasionally used in English in the sense of “horned” (i.e. having horns). But the original sense in English is neither this “horned” sense (for which horned is, by far, the more popular of the two terms), nor the usual sense in contemporary English of “sexually aroused”. Horny was in English as early as the late 1300s, meaning “made of horn”, and by the 1690s it had evolved a slightly more abstract sense of “bony, callous; as if made of horn”. It wasn’t until the latter half of the 1800s that the “sexually aroused” sense emerged. And, if you were wondering, the “sexually aroused” sense is from the horn in horn + -y as a euphemism for an erect penis. Later, it was generalised to the sexual excitement of anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a penis.