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rangifer’s diary: pt. lvii

Taxonomising odd jobs, pt. ii: Building up a modern perspective. §3


The next artefact in our archive, and the next one I want to look at, is Woodsmen, posted by Zambies on the Hidden Street forums on 2007-08-12. The original post, in full, is as follows:

Alright so here goes. I’ve always liked beginners and I’ve had more than a few, but lately I’ve been wanting to try some jobbed beginners, I have a str mage already and thats going pretty well but I wanted to try a woodsmen, but alas I cannot find a guide or really anything other than “use a bow for knockback and get buff your accuracy” I need something more detailed or at least some help with AP assignment

Already in the second sentence, we see the term “jobbed beginner” used. This term will be important to keep in mind when creating our taxonomy, as it accurately reflects how certain odd jobs have been traditionally conceptualised and grouped together. Zambies goes on to imply that STR mages are part of this group. Based on the use of the term “jobbed beginner”, it seems that what Zambies has in mind is very similar to what are still known as woods(wo)men today.

The first two responses to the thread are somewhat confused, not understanding the original post, and Sevin asking what a “woodsman” even is. Majal goes on to define a woods(wo)man as a “Perma begginer that is a Bowman. They dont shoot. They just take advantage of the acc.”. This conception of woodsmen (and indeed, most jobbed beginners in general) as being essentially permabeginners who take advantage of some minor, but significant, benefits of their chosen class — usually passive skills and buff skills — is reflective of traditional attitudes towards these jobbed beginners. The worry here is about WACC; STRginners have obvious WACC issues, as they want to put as much of their AP into STR as possible, but at the same time have nothing built into their class that helps them with WACC (unlike e.g. warriors, who can passively gain +20 WACC just from mastery skills). The bowman class would seem to help solve this problem: The Blessing of Amazon passively grants WACC, and Focus gives a hefty WACC (and AVOID, for that matter) buff on top of that. Unfortunately for the woods(wo)man, archers gain less WACC per point of DEX, and per point of LUK, than a beginner does: 0.6 WACC instead of 0.8 per point of DEX, and 0.3 WACC instead of 0.5 per point of LUK. But this mechanic is not even mentioned in the thread, as its effect is quite minor at lower levels and with lower-powered gear (read: less DEX and LUK from gear), in comparison to the large constant effects of The Blessing of Amazon & Focus.

My guide to woods(wo)men is based on a more hybrid view of this odd job: one that is proficient in both melee and archery. But, looking at a more primitive attestation of the woods(wo)man odd job suggests that this hybrid view is more modern — or maybe not. One of the replies that I referred to as “confused” earlier, by pso_kik, mentions what they call a “strength bowman”: “Other than a strength bowmen (which means much less damage, but more stable), there’s not much you can do with the archer class in terms of novelty builds.” The last part of this statement proves to be mistaken, but their description of a “strength bowman” as having much less damage, but more stable damage, is basically accurate to the ranged fighting style of woods(wo)men. But, at least when looking at this thread, there is no evidence of really putting two & two together here, and thinking of woods(wo)men as a hybrid melee & ranged job.

Argentin makes the last reply in the thread, explaining what a woods(wo)man is, and how to allocate AP for one:

Well a woodsman is a jobbed beginner. A jobbed beginner is a beginner that takes advantage of a class skill. so a woodsman is just a beginner with bowman skills. you will only need 25 DEX so you can get the first job and the rest you put into STR. you will only need DEX to fight other monsters but not to much. you can try adding twice DEX as you characters level or 4 STR and 1 DEX or 1​STR and 2​DEX. Your starting stats should be

  • STR #
  • DEX #
  • INT 4
  • LUK 4/5

The sentence “you will only need 25 DEX so you can get the first job and the rest you put into STR” is particularly notable here, for reflecting our modern conception of woods(wo)men as being pure STR archers. But again, similar to the “LUK Warrior” entry that we considered in §2, the emphasis is not on purity; it is accepted that any archer will need at least some DEX in order to get the WACC that they need to hit monsters.

Brandini’s Islander Guide

Finally, I want to look at the next entry in chronological order: Brandini’s Islander Guide, by Cacophobia (IGN MrBrandini), first published on 2007-11-05. This guide is a fairly straightforward guide to islanding (unfortunately somewhat uprooted by the later changes to Maple Island), but I want to focus on the “Builds” section.

The section starts by saying that “Most people assume there is only one build all Islanders follow which is going Pure Strength, they are wrong.”, and goes on to list five different builds: strength islander, dex islander, hybrid islander, magelander, and luck islander. The classification of usual types of islanders has been done many times, in various somewhat different ways, but this basically captures the kinds of distinctions that are usually made. This will become important later on, when trying to fit islanders into a taxonomy of odd jobs. These different “flavours” of islander, if you will, would almost certainly be considered subjobs by the definitions laid out in pt. i, but because islanders are such a primitive and core odd job, the classification of at least some of these subjobs proves to be an important task. And, furthermore, magelander in particular is so distinct from other islander flavours — and so old — that it is worth mentioning separately.

d33r prepares to take on KPQ anew

I tried doing a KPQ on my Vicloc magelet d33r at level 21, and pretty much instantly regretted it. I felt so utterly useless that I set a task for myself: to level up and come back!

So I went to a nearby map (Caution Falling Down) to grind:

d33r on claw training

Transcription of the above image

Sabitrama: how much mesos do you have deer?
i mean, d33r

[system message]: d33r — Lv.23 Magician — Total EXP: 1,264 (3.68%)
EXP Per Hour: 37,920 — EXP Per Minute: 632

d33r: uh
my raw mesos
are at 38.3k rn
because ive been strictly claw training
so i dont use mesos when i train really
so im loaded

Sabitrama: oooh
im at 1,3k =p

d33r: when i was training with magic my mpm was below 0
so it wasnt sustainable, i had to stop when i hit 0 mesos lmao

Having hit rock bottom, I was indeed forced to train with my anniversary event claw:

sad octo grinding ;(

After grinding out a level or two, I thought I might make some progress on quests (without actually turning them in, as I wanted to save that for after KPQ, i.e. level ≥31). Hopefully this would give me a nice break from the Octopus grind. So I went to collect ETCs for a level 15 quest, Don Hwang’s Request. Unfortunately for d33r, this didn’t turn out so well:

d33r vs. Bubblings

Transcription of the above image

d33r: i tried bubblings
for like 2 seconds
because i need the etcs for a quest later

Battlesage: yeah you aint getting bubblings lmao

d33r: LMFAO
it was harrowing

Battlesage: i can imagine

So I went back to the g—g—g—grind:

Blue Mushroom card get!

And eventually, I hit a much healthier level of 24!:

d33r hits level 24!

Maybe now, I’m good enough for KPQ…?

sorts gets a Zhelm!

I wanted to get a Zhelm for my LPQ mule and DEX brawler sorts — after all, what LPQ mule doesn’t have a Zhelm? So I went to collect some gold teeth for the Zakum prequests, on my darksterity knight rusa. Along the way, I got quite lucky, and was able to quickly finish up my Riche card set!:

Riche card get!

Once I had the teeth that I needed, sorts was off to the Door to Zakum:

sorts on the way to Zakum’s Altar

Not pictured here is me soloing the first prequest (yawn), and also not pictured is me doing the second prequest, in order to save myself the embarrassment. But rest assured that I did eventually complete both, and got my five EoFs (not to be confused with EOF):

sorts finishes the Zakum prequests

And I bought an AFK Zakum run for her, and ended up with this slightly underwhelming helm, with no chance to reloot:

sorts’s Zhelm

Transcription of the above image

Zakum Helmet

One of a kind Item, Untradeable

  • Req lev: 50
  • Category: hat
  • STR: +14
  • DEX: +15
  • INT: +14
  • LUK: +16
  • Weapon def.: 155
  • Magic def.: 142
  • Accuracy: +21
  • Avoidability: +18
  • Number of upgrades available: 10

…But hey, it’s not so bad. At least the stats aren’t 13⧸13⧸𝑥⧸𝑦 or something!

Doin’ woodsmaster stuffs

I did some woodsmastering with my woodsmaster capreolina!

The first order of business was to get capre access to some of the skills that don’t come as default skills for bowmasters. First off was Dragon’s Breath — this skill is only attainable by using a skillbook, but that skillbook can only be acquired in the El Nath PQ (ENPQ), and is untradeable. Again, this is a little weird, considering that ENPQ is supposedly just a quest that 4th-job warriors need to do to get Power Stance, but thankfully I have a warrior of my own who lacks access to Stance: rusa, my darksterity knight. So I failed to save poor Tylus (who, apparently, can never catch a break) once again:

Failing to save Tylus

And I got quite lucky this time, getting the skillbook on only the second ENPQ that I tried:

Dragon’s Breath skillbook acquired!

With that done, there was only one bowmaster skill left for me at master level 0: Concentrate. Starting this quest requires a handful of ETC items, one of which is the Ancient Book, which is a somewhat rare drop from Cold Sharks. I really didn’t feel like swimming around and farming these absolute tanks until I got lucky enough for it to drop, but luckily for me, there was one on the FM for reasonably cheap, so I went ahead and took the shortcut there.

But I did have to farm up some Ink Bottles from Squids (thankfully, these are not rare drops at all):

Farming squid ink

And I took these ETC items (also including 30 Magic Rox and a USE item, Pure Water) to Wiz for inspection. Wiz said that I could use the materials to reveal hidden ink in the Ancient Book, and upon reading the invisible ink, he directed me to Athena Pierce:

You are a bowman.

Transcription of the above image

Athena Pierce: You are a Bowman.

REWARD!!: 100000 exp

Athena Pierce told me that I’m a bowman. Excellent. So I tried talking to my third job archery instructor, Rene:

You are definitely a bowman.

Transcription of the above image

Rene: Seeing that you come to see Rene, you are definitely a Bowman.

REWARD!!: 100000 exp

Rene also agrees that I am definitely a bowman. Very well then.

So I went to the Insignificant Being, who told me that I am a bowman.

Just kidding — he told me that there’s an ancient archery training ground built by the most powerful archer of legend, housed near the Insignificant Being’s location in Deep Sleepywood. This training ground would allow me to train to be strong enough for the skill taught by this Ancient Book. But I would need something special in order to enter the training ground.

It was at this point that I got confused; I was misled by the short guide (for 4th job skills) that I found online, and also misled by the entry in my quest journal in-game. I thought that, at this point, I just needed to party with another 4th-job archer and go in. I smega’d, asking if any 4th-job archers wanted to do the quest with me, and a new bowmaster by the name of wires responded and kindly agreed to help. I found that it was still impossible to enter, and eventually realised that I was mistaken about what I needed to do next in the quest. The 50 dark marbles that I needed to collect were not dropped by the monsters inside of the training ground; they were dropped by ordinary monsters in Deep Sleepywood.

Unfortunately, these dark marbles had a fairly low drop rate, I needed 50 of them, and they only dropped from Taurospears, Tauromacis, and Jr. Balrog. So wires said we could try the quest the next day. I hunted the marbles:

Hunting for black marbles

And later, the next day, wires came back to assist!:

Last part of the Concentrate quest, w/ wires

Thank you wires!! And with that — 300 Jr. Balrogs killed — I was awarded access to the Concentrate skill:


Transcription of the above image

Insignificant Being: Finally, you came back! You look tired but I feel your power from here! Now, you are strong enough to learn the skill!

REWARD!!: Concentrate
1000000 exp

After that, I did some sadgrinding at CDs to get to level 122~!:

capreolina hits level 122

Cool! Now my SE lasts for a whole 60 seconds! :3

d33r does KPQ

Now that d33r was level 24, it was time to head back to KPQ much stronger than before. Well, okay, maybe not much stronger…

In the image below, you may notice an abundance of “1”s and “MISS”es. This is where the Victoria guild gets their motto: “Killing KPQ gators, 1 damage at a time”.

d33r KPQ ✜

Transcription of the chatlogs in the above image

d33r: welcome
to the place where all my dreams go to die: KPQ

[Fighting King Slime]

cobbages: pure dopamine

xXcorticalXx: stats?

d33r: omg…
2 int
1 luk

xXcorticalXx: :OO

d33r: F5

xXcorticalXx: YOU DID IT


Spagonia: nice nice

xXcorticalXx: congrats :D

ty hahah

By the end, I was having to kill myself many times in order to stubbornly retry for the last item that I wanted from this PQ. I had gotten 5⧸5 on my King Slime set fairly quickly, but besides that, I just wanted a pair of 2 INT Squishy Shoes. I wasn’t prepared to be any pickier than that, so I would even have accepted 𝑥⧸𝑦⧸2⧸0 shoes. But my luck in winning @rolls was just nonexistent for a long time. Eventually, after many deaths, and many miserable KPQs in which I was still nearly useless, I won a roll. And it was then that I just about lost my shit, because I actually got 𝑥⧸𝑦⧸2⧸1 shoes!!! Free from KPQ at last…

cervid gets Genesis

In the previous diary entry, we saw cervid, my pure STR bishop, working towards getting Genesis, with help from Gruzz and xBowtjuhNL. The only thing that was left to do was the Horned Tail Party Quest (HTPQ), in order to get a special quest item (Life Roots) that drops from the monsters in the PQ.

I saw someone smega selling service for just this: HTPQ for Life Roots. So I took cervid into the Cave of Life, and was guided through the HTPQ by PaiKia:


It was actually very quick, and much easier than I expected! Thank you, PaiKia. And with the Life Roots, Shammos was pleased:


Transcription of the above image

Shammos: ……Good…

REWARD!!: Genesis
1300000 exp

I had a skillpoint at the ready, so I rocked back to Victoria Island to test my newfound power. I was joined by Viclockers Naganohara the clawpuncher (Spanolia, Taima, Tacgnol, Boymoder, Hanyou, Numidium, Gambolpuddy, Inugami, Yotsubachan) and xXcorticalXx the STRginner (moonchild47, Cortical, GishGallop, Medulla, BowerStrike), who got to witness cervid’s first ever (and possibly the first ever for STR mages in general?) Genesis:

cervid’s first ever Genesis

Questing with d33r

Now that d33r graduated KPQ, it was time for some questing!

The first order of business, as far as quests go, is a very special quest: the quest to advance to the rank of cleric! This would be my last ever job advancement, as 3rd and 4th job do not exist in a Vicloc context.

d33r 2nd job test

Eventually, I accrued 30 of those precious Dark Marbles, and was able to take the advancement!:

d33r advances to cleric

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [2nd Job] Congratulations to d33r on becoming a Cleric!

Sabitrama: owaaaa

Sinnerino [whisper]: congrats

d33r: :DDD

Sabitrama: first viclocked 2nd job!!

d33r [whisper to Sinnerino]: tq!!

d33r: hehehe

Woweee~! Time to be really cautious about Teleporting so that I don’t waste my mesos!!

I went and did the first part of the Mystery of Niora Hospital questline:

Wild Boar card get!

I did the first two of Shumi’s jump quests. The first one, I was already somewhat familiar with. The second one… well, I’d probably done it once before, but that was a long time ago…

Recovering Shumi’s roll of cash

Transcription of the above image

Treasure Chest: Looking carefully into the Treasure Chest, there seems to be a stack of papers in there. I reached out my hand and voila, a huge stack of money.

But I managed (after some pretty severe laser burns, ow) to recover Shumi’s fat stack of cash. The first time, I was sympathetic. But Shumi really needs to stop leaving her money littered around these dangerous industrial booby traps!!

I headed to Sleepywood to do some of the 99-kill quests, particularly the Evil Eye one, so that I would have tails for other questlines like Strange Dish or Alex the Runaway Kid:

Zombie Mushroom card get!

I did the quest for 99 Evil Eye kills:

d33r vs. Evil Eyes

And it took me every single potion in my inventory (including the HP, MP, and Magic Potions) over the course of roughly 35〜40 minutes to get these 99 kills. Yikes… But I was determined to do it myself, crappy Magic Claw damage and all.

I went and did some of Winston’s quests, including “Planting Trees” and “Shawn the Excavator’s Request”…:

Ghost Stump card get!

…And Winston’s Fossil Dig-up:

Green Mushroom card get!

A quaint little quest by the name of “A Way to Fight Off Sleep”:

It’s not like this is a video game or something.

Transcription of the above image

Mike: Maybe the effects will kick in later. That’s usually how medicine works, right? It’s supposed to heal me right away? Haha! I don’t know about that… It’s not like this is a video game or something.

Mike, I hate to break it to you, but…

And I was able to give Maya her medicine after getting some Charms of the Undead whilst doing the 99-kill quests:

Giving Maya her medicine

Transcription of the above image

Maya: Um … is it okay if I get that medicine? I’ll give you something that I don’t really need … I urge you … please … I need that medicine …

REWARD!!: Brown Bamboo Hat 1;
5000 Meso;
2000 exp

While I was in Henesys, I hit up the “Camila’s Gem” quest:

thx utah

Thx, Utah. Little known fact[1]: every page in the Pig Illustrated is just another image of the same exact pig. There are no words.

And I farmed at the mini-dungeon attached to the Rain-Forest East of Henesys for 200(!) Pig Ribbons that I needed for “Mrs. Ming Ming’s First Worry” and Alex the Runaway Kid. Along the way, I somehow got no Ribbon Pig cards, and yet 4 Pig cards:

Pig card get!

It was around this time that I started to get seriously worried about d33r. I knew that clericlet life was gonna be rough as a Viclocker, and so I was unfazed by my rough experiences with the KPQ levels. But as I began to play her more in the post-KPQ levels, things didn’t seem to be shaping up quickly enough. Of course, I accepted my fate of always being very weak against non-undeads, but my original vision for this character was that I would be able to effectively — not nearly as effectively as a normal cleric, but still effectively — farm/grind on undeads across Victoria Island, like Zombie Mushrooms, Zombie Lupins, Jr. Wraiths, Wraiths, Mummydogs, etc.

So, to get an idea of whether or not this would really be possible once I got some good gear and maxed out my Heal skill, I did some calculations with my damage calculator. Without going into the details, let’s just say that things didn’t look that impressive when I imagined a hypothetical level 41 d33r with godly (theoretically possible for Vicloc, but not reasonably obtainable in the near future) gear fighting Jr. Wraiths (a level 35 monster) with Heal. So, with realistic gear, things were going to look much worse than even that. When I initially did these calculations and thought about what they meant, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty brokenhearted.

You might say: “deer, you have a damage calculator; why didn’t you do these kinds of calculations before making the character?”. The answer is simple:

  1. I already knew for a fact (and I knew this from my experience making the damage calculator) that Heal damage scales with LUK. In particular, the damage (after controlling for variables that we don’t care as much about, like skill level, MDEF, and target count) scales as essentially Θ⁡((LUK + INT) ⋅ TMA). Obviously, my TMA would be quite low, and looking at the Heal damage formula, we can tell that the way to do the most Heal damage is to be pure INT (or close to pure INT) — but I was okay with that. Obviously, I expected to do less damage than a normal INT-based cleric. The point is that it wasn’t completely absurd to expect my Heal damage, as a pure LUK (and therefore INTless) cleric, to be workable.
  2. d33r was inspired by another character of the same build (clericlet) on another server, JoblessMS. Holy was (and still is, at the time of this writing) the highest-ranked character on the entire server, and that server is based on the same version of GMS (v62) as MapleLegends, so the Heal skill functions identically. Furthermore, JoblessMS had a lower EXP rate at the time (1×) and lower quest exp rate (2×), as well as far fewer functioning quests than MapleLegends. So I figured that if Holy could get to #1 as a clericlet/priestlet under those conditions, then I could do an okay job as a Vicloc clericlet on MapleLegends. Being Vicloc obviously makes it harder, but the much higher EXP rate would balance that out, right?

Wrong, unfortunately. It seems that Holy has so much access to TMA gear that he would simply blow any character like d33r out of the water. So, for a bit, I was somewhat confused about what to do, as I felt quite demotivated by this realisation. But it is still true that d33r can function well as a supportive character, between her Heal, her Bless (not actually there yet), survivability due to MG, and mobility due to Teleport. So I tried that out:

d33r & Sabitrama vs. Stumpy

Here I am, fighting Stumpy with Sabitrama (Celim, Sommer, Copo, Fino, Vicloc, Bipp) the Vicloc brawler. Sabitrama was kind enough to give me quite a few Stumpy cards, as they were hunting Stumpies and had already gotten 5⧸5:

Stumpy card get!

I think I’m 4⧸5 now or something? And I did some farming of quest ETCs with Sabitrama, including many monsters that I was incapable of reasonably taking on by myself:

d33r & Sabitrama vs. Fire Boars

d33r & Sabitrama vs. Curse Eyes

And we both finished up the Sauna Robe quest at the same time, as Sabitrama donated a few extra Diamond Ores to me that I needed to finish crafting a Diamond. I had four overall INT 10% scrolls at the ready (the Sauna Robe is the only overall in Vicloc that d33r is capable of equipping… well, besides the Amorian ones that have no slots and no stats!), and to my (and everyone else’s) extreme surprise, the first one landed!!!!!:

5⧸9 INT Sauna Robe!!

Transcription of the item in the above image

Red Sauna Robe (+1 Female)

  • Req lev: 30
  • Category: overall
  • INT: +5
  • MP: +10
  • Weapon def.: 30
  • Magic def.: 3
  • Avoidability: +10
  • Number of upgrades available: 9

If worn inside the hotel sauna, the recovery rate of HP and MP will be 1.5× faster.

Y O W Z A .

I decided against throwing any more OA INT 10%s at it, and the other 3 leftover ones can go to other Vicloc mages. For this very special robe, I plan on very slowly & gradually finishing it as OA INT 60%s get generated in the Vicloc world (it’s only available as a drop from King Clang). 10%s and 60%s are the only OA INT scrolls that exist in Vicloc, so this is the best that I can do.

And with that, we went to the Ant Tunnel nearby to farm some more ETCs for quests like “Dr. Faymus’ Request” and “Jane and the Wild Boar”:

Horny Mushroom card get!

Footnotes for “Questing with d33r”

  1. [↑] Not actually a fact.

Capt. Lat w/ OmokTeacher and Cortical

I also did a fun pair of Capt. Lats with STRginners OmokTeacher (Slime, Slimu, JumpQuest) and Cortical:

OmokTeacher, cervid, & Cortical vs. Capt. Lat

In which, during the second run, I was reminded just how difficult it can be to make Resurrection work. It appears that recipients of the effect get no temporary invincibility period whatsoever, and are of course dispelled upon death, making the Resurrection very likely to result in an immediate second death… 🪦

In which I am actually able to scroll items for some reason

So, usually, when I scroll/craft things, I get horrible results and often omit them from my diary entries. The ones that I do include have given me a reputation for being just awfully unlucky at scrolling, for no apparent reason… But today I have a slightly different story to tell.

Besides the 5⧸9 INT robe that I showed above, here are some other nifty 10%s that I managed to land on d33r:

Pink Starry Shirt

Transcription of the above image

Pink Starry Shirt (+1 Female)

  • Req lev: 11
  • Category: top
  • HP: +10
  • Weapon def.: 16
  • Magic def.: 3
  • Number of upgrades available: 2

Rice cake hat

Transcription of the above image

A Rice Cake on Top of My Head (+1)

  • Req lev: 15
  • Req STR: 4
  • Req DEX: 4
  • Req INT: 4
  • Req LUK: 4
  • Category: hat
  • Weapon def.: 27
  • Magic def.: 3
  • Accuracy: +1
  • Number of upgrades available: 3

Not quite as impressive, and not impressive at all by outlander standards, but still pretty sweet.

On an outlander, I scrolled this Maple Crow, which I had left over from a box that I opened during the anniversary event, and didn’t want to upgrade because it was already perfect clean:

Maple Crow

Transcription of the above image

Maple Crow (+6)

  • Req lev: 35
  • Req class: bowman
  • Category: crossbow
  • Attack speed: fast [5]
  • DEX: +1
  • Weapon attack: 72
  • Accuracy: +8
  • Speed: +8
  • The rate of knock back: 42%
  • Number of upgrades available: 0

I have absolutely no personal use for it, but Yotsubachan made quite good use of it in LPQ!

I also forgot to mention in a previous diary entry that I made some Cursayers for my daggermit alces, and wound up making a 107 WATK one and a 108 WATK one! Bipp borrowed the 108 WATK one for a bit before he hit level 100 (GDK time!), and other than that, it has been waiting for alces to become unstuck from MPQ and hit level 90.

And last, but not least: The Skanda™. I had, through my efforts during the anniversary event, gotten my hands on half a dozen clean Skandas, with a certain one of my characters in mind (I haven’t revealed her yet for a special reason, and she is not revealed in this entry for another, less special, reason: I’m too lazy), as well as Boymoder in mind, as she is a STRmit.

Now, CFA 30%s don’t come cheap, so I was prepared to pay a smol fortune to scroll these bad boys. As expected, the first two boomed on the first slot, and another one just failed the first slot without booming. Then I scrolled this one:

The Skanda™

Transcription of the above image

Maple Skanda (+7)

  • Req lev: 64
  • Req class: thief
  • Category: claw
  • Attack speed: faster [3]
  • LUK: +4
  • Weapon attack: 51
  • Accuracy: +9
  • Avoidability: +27
  • Number of upgrades available: 0

Yayyyyy!!! Now that is quite the Skanda!!! So good, that it makes up for booming yet another Skanda on the first slot afterwards.

Meet d34r

Alright, before you accuse me of making this character just because d33r didn’t turn out the way I envisioned, I will have you know that I was already planning and discussing this character before d33r even hit level 30…

Meet d34r, the dagger warrior. Cheesy as it may be, her name is actually two puns in one — d34r as in “dear”, but also as in “d33r+1” — so I couldn’t resist. Here she is, HPQing with fellow Viclockers phloem (Jule) and Hailong:

HPQ w/ phloem & Hailong

Once I had hit level 21, I headed towards Kerning City for the ol’ KPQ. Along the way, I took a slight detour to see if Mano existed:

Mano card get!

Very nice. That will make the Mano quest a lot easier when I do it at level 31 or so.

d34r’s look is based off of two of my non-Vicloc characters: my darksterity knight rusa, & my daggermit alces. As my only other warrior, d34r inherits from rusa the face accessory, eye accessory (albeit in a different colour), and gloves — and as my only other dagger-only character, d34r inherits from alces the wings and generally dark look.

And I did do some KPQs, like these ones with fellow Viclockers SeaThief and Daggington (also a Vicloc dagger warrior, so I wasn’t very original this time :P ; a.k.a. cobbages), as well as Lv1Crook (non-odd, non-Vicloc baby corsair; a.k.a. Level1Crook):

d34r & SeaThief in KPQ

d34r, SeaThief, Daggington, & Lv1Crook @ KPQ stage 4

I’m still very weak, but as expected, d34r is already turning out much more promising damage-wise in comparison to d33r… Right now, I plan on advancing to spearwoman so that we may one day go toe-to-toe with the biggest bad guy in Victoria Island, Ergoth! But Daggington is also going that route, so who knows. I may do fighter instead? :o