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rangifer’s diary: pt. xxxv

PPQ with allies

Tab (known in-game as Outside, TestChars, Dodogge, Romilda) wanted to do some alliance-only (Suboptimal-only) PPQs. Once we were able to get together, we had a formidable crew:

Suboptimal PPQ

Suboptimal whoops the pirate king!

gogigagagigo got a key from the boss during one of the runs, so we set out to get him some sweet loot, and fight angy lord pirate:

gogi’s chest loot

Tab then had to leave, but we were able to keep going as a full Oddjobs party for a few runs:

Oddjobs PPQ

By the end of all of this, rusa had leveled up to level 59! Yay!

cervid wraps up Jerry Yan’s quest

As featured in the diary entry before this one, my STR priest cervid has been working on Jerry Yan’s quest, Dreamy Park Concert. I got the hard part out of the way first, getting those pesky perfume ETCs partway done. I finished them up now, for a total of 600(!!) perfume ETCs…

So it was time to gather up the rest of the ETCs (the easier ones):

cervid vs. Kid Mannequins

cervid vs. Male Mannequins

cervid vs. Female Mannequins

cervid vs. Cheap Amps

Having nearly finished the Cheap Amp ETCs, cervid got enough EXP to hit level 110!!! Finally, I can buy a MoN, hehe!

cervid hits level 110!!!

cervid vs. Fancy Amps

Now that I finally had every single one of the 1 200 ETC items necessary, it was time for my reward:

Jerry Yan

Sad umbrella

I think the Green Umbrella is (correct me if I’m wrong) the worst possible reward here. In any case, I was really hoping for a Beige Umbrella or Black Umbrella. Thanks a lot, Mr. Yan…

hydropotina tries CDs for the first time

Now that my swashbuckler, hydropotina, has graduated MPQ, she’s all on her own. Most of my characters at this point are stuck at CDs, and with hydro’s ability to shred up to six monsters at once with her Somersault Kick (SSK), CDs are the obvious choice for her as well…

hydro tries CDs

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: hydropotina — Lv.86 Outlaw — Total EXP: 197,274 (4.07%)
EXP Per Hour: 3,945,480 — EXP Per Minute: 65,758

(This is with event EXP + basket.)

Pretty impressive for level 86!! Along with my SSK, I also have my octo and my birdy on my side. It can, however, be rather frustrating to corral the CDs so that I can kill them reasonably efficiently. Because I have my skis equipped when doing this, I can’t benefit from Recoil Shot, and my reach is very close-range (SSK has about the horizontal range of basic-attacking with a dagger…). So I have to make some careful movements, and make use of my basic-attacking (not good for damage, but has more reach than using SSK; although, the boxes/crates in the map often get in the way of this) to try to round up these circular bastards so that I can bicycle-kick them into oblivion.

I met LABanditz (a shadower) here, who graciously agreed to grind with me, and even added me to BL afterwards. :)

cervid hunting with basket

I wanted to eat up a V-day basket on my STR priest cervid, but, as usual, it’s harder for me to seriously benefit from the basket on cervid than it is on my other characters. So I used it for a little casual farming:

Yellow Valentine Rose get!

cervid vs. Stirges

Stirge card get!

Stirges are adorable

Transcription of the above image

cervid [smega]: stirges are adorable monsters change my mind

ChoklitBoy4 [whisper]: cute bat
squeaky bat
little ball of ’rona

Aaand I finished my Stirge card set…!

It looks like Jr. Neckis have too much AVOID for this SR strategy to work for my STR priest:

Jr. Neckis have too much AVOID

Take that, Jr. Necki!

…But a lil bit of brute force does the trick.

Jr. Necki card get!

Captain Latanica wanted dead, not alive!

Slime (OmokTeacher, JumpQuest, Slimu) wanted to run quad Capt. Lats for great justice (and great EXP)! The idea was to use a single V-day basket not too long before server reset (reset being 00:00:00 UTC+0), then kill two Capt. Lats, then wait until reset, and then kill two more. Assuming that we plan it right and kill the guy quickly enough, this allows us to do four(!) Capt. Lats in the span of a single basket (which lasts for 60 minutes). The reason for orienting this around the reset time is that Capt. Lat is considered a raid boss, so you can only kill him up to a maximum of twice daily. So I set about getting some more White Essences so that I would have three ready for our runs. My woodswoman, capreolina, had never done the prequest before, so I went to do that:

Tippo Red card get!

Pac Pinky card get!

Mr. Anchor card get!

I got so many cards from the Mr. Anchors that I was able to finish the set for both capre and cervid!

Once I had finished the prequests on capre, and done the repeatable White Essence quest on cervid, I had three essences ready to go (I already had one from before this), so we gathered in GS7 to prepare:

Ready to slay Capt. Lat

So it was me, as my level 110 STR priest cervid, and two STRginners, OmokTeacher & Gumby.

Slapping Capt. Lat

Each run took 5〜5.5 minutes each! So fast! :O So after four successful Capt. Lat kills, we finally got to see the boat cleaned up:

Clean boat ✨

Clean boat ✨

hydro grinds CDs with Taima

I went back to CDs with my swashbuckler, hydropotina, for some more V-day basket grinding. But this time, I was joined by my STRginner friend, Taima (Tacgnol, Boymoder, Gambolpuddy, Yotsubachan, Numidium)! And we ground enough to get Taima some pretty solid EXP, as well as get hydro from level 87 to level 88!:

hydro hits level 88

General grinding nonsense

Not included in this diary are the numerous episodes of me painstakingly grinding at CDs every day on my woodswoman, capreolina, and my I/L magelet cervine, as well as some other sad (and occasionally, less sad) grinding sessions. capreolina is now level 107, and cervine is 102 (so close to that Elemental Staff 3!).

I’m an idiot

Tacgnol (Taima, Boymoder, Gambolpuddy, Yotsubachan, Numidium) graciously offered to do some Poison Mist training with me, again with me playing cervid, and with us grinding at 5–6 F of the Sutra Depository. Short story shorter, some 3%〜5% or so of the way through the 60 minute duration of our baskets, I died.

I didn’t have the basket quest ready, so I was kinda screwed, and we ended up deciding to move to 3–4 F (which has no golden monsters). But I was so frazzled, I was frequently forgetting to re-HS myself and was just generally kind of frustrated with myself for unexpectedly dying…


After Tacgnol’s basket was done, we went to go do something more chill, and LPQed on her DEXginner Gambolpuddy, with my besinner hashishi (and my MPQ-mule-to-be, potpan).