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rangifer’s diary: pt. xv

Boymoder hits level 72

I logged on just in time (really, it was instantly after I logged on) to see Boymoder hit level 72! And you know what that means: Flash Jump! She had been PPQing, but came to the OPQ lobby to say hi!:

Boymoder Flash Jump

Boymoder can now deftly swap between two roles: permabeginner-with-Flash-Jump, and Avenger-spammer-with-Flash-Jump!!

OPQ with Kabu, sweetmochi, GucciMochi, KimKim, and Yuwen2021

We were having a bit of a rough time getting a party of 5〜6 together for OPQ. But F/P wizard Kabu came to the rescue when I mentioned that I was recruiting for OPQ in alliance chat (Kabu also has an HP fighter by the name of Verta, in Oddjobs)! Here we are, just before Kabu had to leave:

OPQ with Kabu

Two friends of mine, GucciMochi (a.k.a. GucciKimchi) and KimKim (a.k.a. Melokie, Skateboard, Alrightyo) offered to come to OPQ when I mentioned that we were looking to fill a missing spot! KimKim had to travel to Orbis by foot (and by ship), so we did an OPQ with GucciMochi (at which point we had two “mochi”s in our party, including sweetmochi) before she got there. GucciMochi had to go, so KimKim took her spot and enchanted us all with her glorious snow-white beard~


Once KimKim had to leave, we continued OPQing with various other people. I did most of my OPQs alongside my friends IHealForYou and 44ayuh, and also Kimbow & Pikemeister! 44ayuh remarked that it was snowing in Tōkyō (and too cold to go out with her kimono on), Kimbow remarked that it was also snowing in Sweden (perhaps less surprising), and IHealForYou remarked that it was not snowing in the Netherlands, but was rather raining instead (perhaps even less surprising).

44ayuh taught us how to do the spicy kitty room. If you go down below the Tower of Goddess itself, you enter the jail… If that sounds miserable, well, it kind of is. It’s completely dark (you can only see things within a smol radius of yourself), there’s moving spikes and other assorted booby traps everywhere, and thus, making your way to any useful part of the jail is difficult. But if you can make it into one of the jail cells, you will find something a little strange (and even more scary):

Spicy kitties

That’s right, spicy kitties. Spicy kitties are named analogously with spicy water, because when they touch you, it feels spicy! Sometimes it’s too spicy, and you die. :( But rangifer has a taste for spiciness, so I’m able to get past these spicy kitties to get to their spicy treasure:

Spicy kitty treasure

Now, the treasure pictured above isn’t a very impressive one, although it’s at least better than nothing. And you do occasionally (I saw this twice) get absolutely nothing at all. But the treasure that these kitties guard can be as spicy as the feline guardians themselves, so I was having fun hunting for that spicy treasure in every OPQ we did after that.

Big horseman, headless foot

As I was taking a break from OPQ, OmokTeacher (Slime, JumpQuest) let me know in alliance chat that he found a Headless Horseman (HH) at Forgotten Path (ooo, spoopy), in case I wanted to try killing him on my level 99 woodswoman, capreolina. To be honest, I’d never so much as attempted fighting HH before, but OmokTeacher assured me that Forgotten Path has a safe spot where HH can’t even hit you. capreolina was already in New Leaf City (NLC), so I was able to walk to Forgotten Path with relative ease. that is, with OmokTeacher’s instructions… I hardly know my way around that tangled forest on my own.

I managed to kill HH, again with relative ease, in almost exactly 10 minutes! I actually filmed the fight, but I don’t plan on uploading it, heh… It’s pretty boring: “what will she do next??”… the answer is probably “Strafe”. But my birdie was a nice boon to my DPS; I usually don’t get a ton of use out of said birdie when I’m at range. The birdie is much more substantial in melee, where there’s nothing to replace it. But I wasn’t about to get close enough to that headless jerk to melee them!

capre fighting HH

I checked channel 1 to see if there was still an HH there, even though I knew that Bigfoot (BF) had already spawned there. I thought, maybe it would be possible to kill HH by staying out of BF’s reach. And if I fail, well, I lose a charm… When I got there though, a level 160 bishop by the name of SweetPoof was killing the BF with their level 135 hero. I had gotten one of Headless Horseman’s heads already, so I thought I would ask for permission to loot Bigfoot’s Toe if it drops; that way, I would have both of the boss items required for the Silver Deputy Star quest! SweetPoof was kind enough to oblige, and so while she had BF pinned to the left side of the map, I went to work killing the HH. I finished first, since HH has less than one ninth(!) of the HP that BF has, and quite a bit less WDEF, for that matter. But not too long after, BF was slain, and the toe did drop!! Thanks SweetPoof!!! Now I just need some of those pesky rags

rangifer advances to marauder!!

At this point, rangifer had already OPQed to level 70!!! It was time to finally get crackin’ on that third job advancement quest. As part of this, was the obligatory job instructor fight:

rangifer vs. five Kyrins

If you think that you’re just seeing things, you’re not. There are not one, not two, not three, not even four, but five Kyrins in that image. Kyrin, apparently, loves to summon clones. I’m also getting hit by three Somersault Kicks simultaneously in that image. >.<

But I did eventually subdue the real (shadow) Kyrin, and then proceeded to ace the Holy Stone’s quiz on my first try. With a little help from my friend

And so it was. rangifer advanced to marauder:

rangifer third job advances

Transcription of the above image

[system message]: [3rd Job] Congratulations to rangifer on becoming a Marauder!

rangifer [smega]: wow i can’t believe they let me 3rd job advance empty-handed

I put my first SP into the bubble skill; here’s rangifer in her first-ever bubble:

rangifer bubbles for the first time

That means rangifer is officially a Big Girl™ now!! Wowie!!!

rangifer’s final OPQs

Because OPQ has a level range of 51〜70, rangifer was still eligible to OPQ (for one more level)! And so I rejoined the crew:

Japan, Sweden, and the Netherlands

We taught, as usual, quite a few new people how to OPQ today! Here I am, demonstrating how clearing the “On the Way Up” stage works:

Thanks, OPQ gods!

Transcription of the above image

rangifer: wow the stage cleared
thanks, opq gods!

It seems that the use of Gray codes is not popular in this stage…

Here, Kimbow and Pikemeister have decorated the Lounge, as a “gift” for IHealForYou (either that, or OPQ has an ectoplasm problem…):

OPQ has an ectoplasm problem

After a few OPQs, I was nearing the end of the line… level 71. And so I did level, in the middle of an OPQ. It was time to flex my new level 71 powers in a party quest that was not intended to have such things…:

Memewaving Papa Pixie

Yes, I’m aware that Shockwave (or memewave, if you prefer) is not a very well-regarded skill… But I absolutely adore Transformation, and little else brings me quite as much joy as dealing not-insignificant quantities of damage as I repeatedly punch the ground to cause mini-earthquakes. So I gotta put the meme skillpoint in there.

rangifer Transformed