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rangifer’s diary: pt. viii

As usual for this event, the first thing I did today was farm up 100 wrapping papers 🎁📃 on my I/L 🧊🌩️ magelet cervine… Then it was time to LPQ 🛑🐀🐙👀🐋!!!! I was lucky enough to LPQ with ally and permabeginner 🔰 drainer (mae, also known in-game as the priest technopagan and the gish 🗡️✨ raving)! I met mae when I was OPQing with my swashbuckler ⚔️🔫🏴‍☠️, hydropotina, so it was very nice to be reunited with her and PQing again (but this time, LPQ style)!!

LPQing with mae

Transcription of the chatlog in the above image

BishopXeph: its like a reunion
for yall

drainer: <3

rangifer: ^^ <3

We were looking for a ranged 🏹 character at one point, and all we found was another brawler. But, I knew (from experience playing my swashbuckler) that guns 🔫 were prefectly capable of acting as the range 🏹 required for LPQ. The brawler in question had their starter gun with them still, and they were able to pick up some bullets from the local shop. I was convinced that this would do the trick, since I never had any issues on my swashbuckler (despite being pure STR), and there is no pirate 🏴‍☠️ equivalent of Keen Eyes 👁️🔍. However, when we got to stage 7, they were actually completely incapable of hitting the rats 🐀!! They had gone for Dash instead of Double Shot, so my only explanation, as far as I could tell, was that Double Shot has longer range than basic-attacking with a gun.

After a few LPQs, though, LPQ got kinda dead as everyone left. And mae had been staying up pretty late 🥱, so she decided that it was time to go and sleep. After a while, I ended up getting picked up by another group who auctioned me off for a mere 35 mesos… ;(

rangifer gets auctioned for 35 mesos

Transcription of the above image

Travissss [party chat]: S > rangifer 35 mesos

rangifer: :(

locki: scam

sooyaaa95: i’ll buy

Travissss [all chat]: dont’ [sic] worry, we’ll split the dough :)

rangifer: wow

Travissss [party chat]: sold

rangifer: ty sooyaaa<3

Luckily, even if some people (looking at you, locki…) seemed to not deem me worth 35 mesos 😭, sooyaaa95 had my back…

After a few more LPQs, rangifer was some 18% of the way through level 48, and I decided to take a break to farm wrapping papers 🎁📃… but this time, on my woodswoman, capreolina! I’ve actually just filmed a roughly 2-minute demo video of me playing my woodswoman, which you can watch on the Oddjobs 🍏 YouTube™ channel 📺!! Once I finished up gathering my 200th wrapping paper that session 😵, I proceeded to get even more worthless garbage 🗑️ from Santa’s Helper! Wow, cool! 😅

At this point, I hopped on my STR priest, cervid, because my friend Justin (known in-game as Justinorino, or, in this case, as Sopooroh) needed some help at CDs 💿💿; I would be there to furiously Heal ❤️‍🩹 (with most of my magelet’s gear on, and a Wizard Elixir active, I’m able to achieve a whopping 249 TMA with just 20 base INT!) as he rawr’d 📢 the CDs to death 💿☠️. This went quite well — especially after we figured out that it was best for him to cast Hyper Body for my benefit, then cancel it out on himself so that he lost a smaller absolute quantity of HP per rawr. That way, my STR-mage-trying-really-hard Heals would not be so ineffective, as they somewhat were with his nearly 30k HP when Hyper Body was active. 😅

Then, once Justin was done training, I went back to researching gear upgrades 👚📈. I’ve spent a lot of cash 💰💰💰 (which I do not regret; the fact is that INT/MATK gear has, unfortunately, extremely inflated prices due to the existence of washing & leeching 😖) outfitting my magelet, and it’s time that I do something similar with the rest of my characters. Fortunately, I’ve chosen the rest of my character’s jobs such that they are all essentially pure STR… they all crave WATK, DEX, WACC, and — to some extent — STR, on their gear. For this reason, I do a lot of gear sharing ♻️, and at the moment, the mainstays of this shared gear are (not counting temporary items, of course):

faceSad Mask2 DEX, 11 WACC, 2 AVOID
earSingle Earring6 DEX
backPink Gaia Cape2 WATK, 7 DEX
bodyBathrobe for Women18 DEX, 9 WACC
handsPurple Marker9 WATK, 2 DEX
feetSilver Strap Shoes6 DEX, 15 JUMP, 2 SPEED

And I’m really looking to squeeze out some more WATK, and more DEX/WACC. It’s going to take a lot of owls 🦉🦉🦉, but hopefully I will be doing some really nice damage!! ⚔️💥

winky face capreolina